Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Offers Power Of Windows 10 While Yahoo Tech Rates It Tablet Of The Year

Microsoft debuted its first Microsoft Surface Pro tablet in 2012. Since then they have released three more versions, with the latest being the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. Understandably the most powerful of all the tablets to date, the Star Tribune said it is firing on all cylinders with its new speed.

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 06: Microsoft Corporate Vice President Panos Panay introduces a new tablet titled the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 at a media event for new Microsoft products on October 6, 2015 in New York City. Microsoft also unveiled a virtual reality head set titled the HoloLens, a phone titled the Lumia 950, a laptop titled the Surface Book and a biometrics wristband titled the Band 2.

Features that make the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 the tablet of choice include the kickstand at the back for users to use to prop up the screen while keeping it portable. The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 will soon come with 16 GB of RAM and already includes an option to upgrade to a 1 TB hard drive so users have plenty of space to hold files and apps.

It also offers the option of a a sixth-generation Intel Core m3, i5 or i7 processor for users who need more processing power and includes plenty of expandability with a 3.0 USB port for connecting peripherals while the Mini DisplayPort allows users to connect external monitors. Additional storage space is also available with a microSD card slot and a physical connector for the keyboard covers.

Yahoo Tech rated the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 as the number one tablet of the year. They said that although tablets were meant to replace laptops, tablets were actually becoming more like the machines they were meant to replace. Yahoo cited the 12.3 inch screen and plenty of horsepower to do any tasks that users need to get the job done. The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is the first model to finally have a detachable keyboard that also includes a touchpad, which makes it both easy and nice to use.

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The only disadvantage Yahoo cited was the price. The base model is priced at $900, while adding a keyboard and stylus increased the price to $1100. Top end models run around $2,699. Runners up in the category included the iPad Pro and the Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S2 both less powerful and less expensive than the Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

According to Endgadget, Microsoft admitted that there were problems with the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, which was released in October, and they are working to quickly fix all the problems users have encountered. Although user reviews were largely positive, some reported the following problems: screen flickering, system instability, and power problems. Microsoft quickly released several firmware and software updates within weeks of finding the problems.

One of the biggest issues that both Surface Book and Microsoft Surface Pro 4 users have faced is erratic power management. Some users said that the Surface Pro failed to go to sleep when they closed the lid or put them into standby. This issue caused a major power drain on the system.

A Surface engineering manager said that the problem might not be fixed before 2016, and a spokesperson for Microsoft said the Surface Pro still delivers users a great experience.

“We are focused on delivering a great experience to every Surface customer. We know a small set of Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 customers are experiencing issues and addressing that is a top priority for us. We have dedicated engineering teams working to get updates and fixes out as quickly as possible and we will continue to use our Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 support forums to share new information directly with our customers as it becomes available.”

Microsoft issued a brief apology for the problems with user experience. They said they would continue to update the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 quickly to minimize future problems.