New GTA 5 Leaks Revitalizes Rock Star Games Innovation

Jon Mark

The holidays bring a lot of things and in the world of gaming, the holidays come with surprise bonuses such as what came with the latest news on Grand Theft Auto, otherwise known as GTA 5.

Since Grant Theft Auto's first release, the game has been one of the game company's most consistently controversial games.

Most of the controversy has been in the game's subject matter such as what many view as a game that degrades women, glorifies violence and encourages people to steal cars for profit.

Some of the company's other controversial games over the years have been Bully and Manhunt, and yet at the same time the controversy has made GTA one of the game industry's best selling games and popular titles of all time.

This is likely the reason why the latest online expansion has been highly anticipated and does a lot to push the envelope of innovation with the newly added features which come with the upgrades.

Aside from being one of the most torrented downloads next to Photoshop and Microsoft Office, as stated in an article by Tech Times, one of the latest pieces of information that's been mined for everything it's worth, is the "leak" from a YouTube account referred to as MrBossFTW, as described by Yahoo News.

In the piece, they refer to an accidental slip up on the part of Rockstar Games via it's social club page rather than the DLC page, where they posted the terms and conditions of the Festive Surprise Snapmatic photo contest, which the article points out they've done before during the holidays prior to a DLC release.

— Rockstar Games (@RockstarGames) December 19, 2015

The article goes further into details about other released spoilers.

International Business Times has gone further with the leak to suggest that the same YouTube source has too, suggested a Liberty City expansion for single player GTA 5, to refocus those efforts away from the constantly popular online mode.

The article goes even further to suggest that GTA 5 will be using the same map as GTA 4 with some updates, where they're importing the same map, adding to it, with references to engines used with other Rockstar games' games.

iDigitalTimes was even more thorough just five days ago when they showed some of the new add-ons for the game, perhaps from the animation program of Autodesk's Maya.

But one of the add-ins to the game, which already has a lot of GTA 5 fans talking, is the chance to purchase new weapons and be able to use other gamers online as bodyguards, as long as the player has a minimum of $1m dollars in the Maze bank account in the game, as reported by Express News.

— Rockstar Games (@RockstarGames) December 17, 2015

GTA 5 is just one of many games getting in on the bonus bandwagon, like Star Wars, Call Of Duty and Assassin's Creed, all which were also covered by The Inquisitr.

One source out of Chicago referred to as Sacred Heart, has tried to clear through some of the confusion over what GTA 5 is actually offering, such as the possibility that the map will be open-ended, given the already mentioned details and limited online sessions.

To be clear, this is referring to the latest updates for GTA 5 online, as the original GTA 5 had already been released in 2013.


As mentioned in the video, GTA 5 online appears to have brought back the double-clutch which many fans are happy about and International Business Times provides even more details on how a game player is able to take advantage of it.

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