Matt Damon Talks 'Bourne 5' And Buddy, Ben Affleck, In 'Batman V. Superman'

Jason Bourne, played by Matt Damon, had a good run with the Bourne Identity franchise. Now, The Bourne Identity 5 is on its way in 2016, according to Screen Rant.

Damon recently talked about revisiting the character of Jason Bourne. Apparently, he and director Paul Greengrass thought letting some time pass, allowing for the "world to change a little" was always the plan. It seems a line of patience would be the proper move as they both agreed to let things in the real world to propagate.

Damon stated the situation between The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum. Apparently those movies have some kind of "dovetailing" to them, according to Matt.

"You'll find the character — like The Bourne Ultimatum, the third act actually in the movie dovetails with the third act of 'The Bourne Supremacy.' So technically when the Bourne character disappears, it's still 2004. So when this next one comes out in '16, it will have been 12 years — in movie years — that the character as been off the grid. So what's happened in those intervening years gives you a story."
With what Matt Damon stated, one may theorize that the current situation going on in the Middle-East would inspire movie ideas, and what direction this would lead the story, and how based on the real world situation would make for an interesting angle as compared to Damon's previous movies.
"We were in Tenerife, which is supposed to be Athens. It would be like a nighttime riot scene to kind of start the movie. And then England, Berlin a little bit for about a week, and a little bit in D.C. Then we're going to Vegas for the third act… Big car chase on the strip."
An interview with Matt Damon by Esquire gave an idea of the amount of time being allowed to pass that would lead to a "post-Snowden" world that lends to the idea that enough of the world has changed to merit the right timing in creating a new Bourne Identity movie.

Damon's buddy, Ben Affleck, is starring in a well known DC Comics film, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. The first trailer made it appear as they were facing off in some sort of serious disagreement, and the final trailer seemed to indicate as such as well. Part of the clip near the end looked like they were all working together, along with Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman against foe, Doomsday, who is rumored to have been revived via General Zod's dead body.

Though this is what we've seen thus far, Matt Damon hasn't seen beyond that, but did indicate that Affeck saw a "rough cut" of the Warner Bros. movie, according to

"I hear ["Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice"] is good," Damon told Variety. "I haven't seen it yet but he's seen a rough cut and I think he's very pleased. But no, I don't know that there are any comic book characters left."

There were some jokes going around about Damon playing the trusty Robin sidekick to the Batfleck, per Screen Rant, back in 2013, however, he debunked that by citing his real life age and not having the ability to envision Robin being "older than Batman." Matt then mentioned a doctored photo of him and Affleck's heads on the corresponding heroes' bodies.
"I am a little older than Ben. I never saw Robin as older than Batman. Somebody sent me a picture actually [see the photoshopped picture above]. It was really funny. But it's safe to say I won't be Robin."
Screen Rant also reported Damon giving credence a couple of years ago to Affleck playing the Dark Knight role, regardless of the internet "grousing" on. He also talked about how Argo or The Town were indeed even tougher roles. That said, it seems that Matt feels that this should come easy to Affleck, but with some challenge on portraying Bruce Wayne.

Disappointing as it is that Matt is not Robin to Affleck's Batman, seeing him in action in the future Bourne Identity sequel come July 29, 2016, is something fans would likely look forward to. The film will be directed by Pual Greengrass, with Damon and Christopher Rouse serving as screenwriters. Greengrass is also screenwriting. Along with Matt Damon, The Bourne Identity 5 film will also star Tommy Lee Jones, Alicia Vikander, Julia Stiles, Vincent Cassel, and more.

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