'The Beatles' Rumored To Hit Streaming Platforms On Christmas Eve

The Beatles are one of the most popular rock bands of all time and fans may finally get the chance to stream their favorite Beatles' hits just in time for Christmas. It has been reported that on-demand streaming services such as Spotify will have access to at least a portion of the band's playlist on Christmas Eve.

Billboard reports that sources are claiming that The Beatles will be added to the streaming library of some popular music streaming services on Christmas Eve. The sources speaking with Billboard claim they were familiar with the negotiations and that the music should be available by Christmas Day. It was noted that it is not known which specific streaming services will have access to the Beatles song library, but Spotify and Rhapsody were noted as likely candidates.

"It's unknown which specific services have secured the deal, though sources strongly suggest that most, if not all, will have access to the band's catalog of studio albums next week."
The news will come as a holiday surprise to Beatles fans across the globe who have been anticipating the band's move to digital streaming for months. In fact, back in 2014 the idea began to circulate and in January of this year it seemed that the chance of streaming Beatles content would increase. Though the rumors are circulating about the Beatles streaming drop, all of the major streaming providers are remaining silent on whether a deal has been struck.Spotify told Billboard that they "would not comment" on the matter, with Rhapsody following suit. Apple, Tidal, Deezer, and Slacker also have not provided responses to Billboard regarding the potential for Beatles streaming content in time for Christmas. What is certain is that if the tunes do hit streaming in time for the holidays, we can expect the rockers to top the charts. Justin Bieber currently holds the record for the most streamed song with his hit "What Do You Mean?" being streamed 21 million times in just five days. Prior to Bieber's Spotify streaming blockbuster, One Direction held the title for most streamed song with 20 million streams of the song "Drag Me Down."According to the Daily Mail, it should come as no surprise that the Beatles are late to adopt modern technology. The Beatles are notorious for waiting before adopting new methods of music delivery. In fact, the group didn't join iTunes until 2010. However, when the group finally did break into the iTunes market they came in at an astonishing rate. In just their first week on the platform, the Beatles had 450,000 of their albums downloaded. With such a warm welcome to the digital downloading world, the streaming content reception will likely be just as well received.For those hoping to stream Beatles content for the holidays, even if the popular tunes don't arrive to on-demand streaming by Christmas, the songs can still be streamed through Pandora. The content has been live on Pandora for some time as the service is not "on demand" and licensing is done differently.

Do you think the Beatles will beat out Justin Bieber for the most streamed song if their content if their content is finally dropped on Spotify? How many streams do you think the Fab Four can secure in five days? Will you be streaming Beatles songs for your holiday celebrations should the content drop in time?

[Image via AP]