Over Fifty New Legendary Items Coming To ‘Diablo 3’ With Patch 2.4

As with any major patch to Diablo 3, several new and improved legendary items are on the way with the launch of patch 2.4. The update, which is expected as early as January, will add a new zone to the action RPG, expand a few existing zones, introduce Empowered Rifts, and much more. One major highlight is the addition of over 50 new legendary items including changes to several existing legendary items. Some existing items are getting minor changes while others are finally getting a legendary affix.

Many remaining sets in Diablo 3 will be altered in patch 2.4 with new power or by expanding to six pieces instead of four. The Thorns of the Invoker set and The Shadow’s Mantle set, for example, will be comprised of six items now. The former is built for the Crusader with an emphasis reflecting damage back to an attacker. Punish, Slash, and blocking increase Thorns damage, Bombardment make the Crusader take less damage, and certain abilities will do 600 percent of the Crusader’s Thorn damage. The Shadow’s Mantle, on the other hand, will increase a Demon Hunter’s damage while wielding a melee weapon. The set also gives the Shadow Power ability the bonuses from all of its runes and Impale’s damage will deal an additional 40,000 percent weapon damage to the first enemy it comes in contact with.

Other items in Diablo 3 that were yet to include a legendary affix are getting one in patch 2.4. The Heart of Iron chest piece, for instance, will now give the wearer additional Thorns damage based on their Vitality. The Elusive Ring will buff the Demon Hunter after using Shadow Power, Smoke Screen, or Vault. For eight seconds after use, the Demon Hunter will take less damage. The well-known Legacy of Nightmares ring set is also updated in the upcoming Diablo 3 patch. When wearing the two rings in this set and only this set, Ancient items equipped will increase the character’s damage by 100 percent and decrease the damage the character takes by four percent per piece.

Seasonal play will also be different with patch 2.4. Players will be guaranteed a full set of six pieces of one their class sets. Completing milestones during the season reward the player with each piece and they can only be earned once. Additionally, a new Season Rebirth function is part of the patch that lets a player carry a character from one Season over to another. The character will still start over with its earned items transferred to the nono-Seasonal account; however, the player will not have to delete the character and remake a new one to start a new Season. According to the official site, Season 4 will end on December 30 with Season 5 starting on January 15.

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[Image via Blizzard Entertainment]