Drummer From King’s of Leon Nathan Followill Expecting Baby

Looks like the brothers of Kings of Leon are busy making babies, creating quite a baby boom in recent months. This time around its Kings of Leon’s drummer Nathan Followill who will be expecting a little one with wife, singer/songwriter Jessie Baylin. This will be the first child for the couple, which was confirmed by the band’s rep to People magazine.

Followill took to Twitter, a popular announcement site these days, to express the excitement over his new role. “I’m beyond excited/anxious. Life is beautiful,” wrote the drummer. Nathan and Baylin got married in November 2009 in Brentwood, Tenn. hometown to the Kings of Leon members.

In recent months Nathan’s Kings of Leon brother and bandmate Caleb Followill wed girlfriend Lily Aldridge in May, and also welcomed their daughter Dixie Pearl, into the family on Thursday. If that isn’t enough Kings of Leon news for you, in May brother and bandmate Jared became engaged to Martha Patterson, and the bandmate’s cousin Matthew welcomed a son named Knox Cameron Patrick last April.

As far as making new music nothing has been announced as of yet. The band went on a hiatus in October of 2011, after a few missteps on their promotional tour due to Caleb Followill’s issue with alcohol. It’s past the 6 month mark and although we still haven’t heard any new music from the band, but it looks like they have just been busy focusing on their growing families instead. There’s no word yet on what is to be expected musically, but celebrating new chapters always makes for some good tunes.

Are you happy for all the Followills personal success?