Dog Massacre In Searcy, Arkansas: 57 Dogs Found Shot Dead, Few Survivors

On Thursday afternoon, a horrible discovery was made in Searcy County, Arkansas, as dozens of dogs were found shot dead in the woods. Two people were out in the woods looking for timber tracts when they came across a scene out of a horror movie as the bodies of 57 dead dogs were scattered all around.

According to KATV, Searcy County Sheriff Joey Pruitt is still looking for information regarding the dead dogs found in the woods. A few surviving dogs were still wandering around the trees, scared to go near anyone.

A total of 60 dogs were found in the woods, but only three of them had survived whatever murderous onslaught had come about. A few more dogs were still alive upon the discovery being made, but were so severely wounded that they had to be euthanized due to their suffering.

Three dogs were rescued and taken in for treatment.

searcy arkansas dog massacre shot
Image via KY3

John Magruder is the shelter manager for the Searcy County Humane Society and could not believe his eyes when he saw the dozens of dead dogs. Even a couple days later, he said it was still very hard to see them laying there, but he had a job to do.

Magruder was there looking for any survivors, according to KY3.

“I don’t really have any words for what it makes me feel like. I’ve worked with dogs all my life and I love them a whole bunch and I just don’t deal well with this, but I’m doing my best so I can save the ones I can.”

No one lives in the timber land area where the lumber mill people found the animals who were unfortunately a part of the dog massacre. Sheriff Pruitt believes that someone brought the dogs out there purposely, fed poison to them, and then simply opened fire on the group.

He said that he has not seen anything like this in his 25 years of law enforcement.

“Systematically just start shooting and just leaving them lying and not even making sure that they’re dead. I just can’t imagine somebody doing that.”

Evidence has been recovered from the scene in the woods, but investigators are still checking everything out. It ended up being a huge crime scene and it’s taking a bit of time to process through it all.

As of Sunday, no suspects had yet been named in the dog massacre in Searcy County, Arkansas, but the police do not believe that whoever did is “stealing people’s pets.”

searcy arkansas dog massacre
Image via KY3

Everyday since the discovery was made, Magruder has been out in the woods searching for more survivors. He had taken dog travel crates out there and a bag of food as well. He would feed the survivor and try to lure them into the crates so he can rescue and treat them.

The survivors appeared very scared when anyone came around, but they would never stray far from the murdered pack of dogs.

Jean Passmore, the treasurer of the Searcy Humane Society, just can’t stop questioning why this was done. She knows that homes could have been found for these dogs and this type of action didn’t need to be taken.

Passmore has shown a lot of emotion when interviewed by police and news stations as she just can’t help but be sad by their demise. Now, she’s channeling that sadness and anger into nursing the survivors back to health.

The Searcy County Humane Society in Arkansas says the survivors will be up for adoption once they are fully healed. The dog massacre that left almost 60 dogs dead in the woods is one that won’t soon be forgotten, and the police hope to bring the perpetrators to justice for their crimes.

[Image by Rob Kim/Getty Images]