Rockstar Games Is Giving Away $1 Million In ‘GTA Online’ Cash To Players That Take The Best Screenshots This Weekend

In celebration of this week’s launch of the latest free DLC update for Grand Theft Auto Online, Rockstar Games is currently holding a special in-game weekend event to help gamers try out all of the new new content now available for the online multiplayer mode of the popular open-world crime title.

For the remainder of the weekend, fans can enjoy double rewards while playing any Adversary Mode in GTA Online. This offer also extends to all Extraction game matches, the newest competitive mode that was added to GTA Online this past Tuesday as part of the “Executives and Other Criminals” update. To make it easier then ever for users to jump into the action, players can easily join all Adversary Modes by accessing a limited event playlist that will be available for this weekend only.

GTA Online Yacht
One of GTA Online's new Super Yachts [Image via Rockstar Games]

In addition to earning bonus payouts in Grand Theft Auto Online this weekend, Rockstar Games is also holding a special Snapmatic Contest, which challenges plans to send in their best in-game photographs of any of the new content that was introduced as part of this week’s DLC. The developer will hand pick the best entries and the winners will each have $1 million added to their GTA Online bank account.

The large prize purse from this events new screenshot contest could put a huge dent in buying some of the new, high-end items that were recently added to GTA Online alongside the latest DLC release. As The Inquisitr reported earlier this week, the “Executives and Other Criminals” update brought some of the highest priced content to GTA Online to date. The biggest among these large-scale purchases are the new player-owned yachts that can cost around $10 million after choosing optional features such as paint jobs and customized lighting.

“Since it’s impossible to fully enjoy an extravagant purchase without sharing a photo of it on social media, make the most of the Snapmatics you’re taking by entering our #Executives Snapmatic Contest. Five Snapmatic photographers who publish the greatest Executives & Other Criminals Snapmatics will win GTA$1,000,000 towards their next Yacht or Stilt House.”

Hoping to stay true to the nautical theme created with the release of GTA Online‘s new Super Yachts, this weekend’s special event is giving out twice the normal amounts of cash rewards for all in-game sea races. Rockstar Games admits that the bonus to water races is to help players prepare for their new yacht homes.

Rockstar Warehouse discount sale
Pick up the best Grand Theft Auto merchandise during the Rockstar Warehouse Holiday Sale [Image via Rockstar Games]

While fans are treated to a series of bonus events within Grand Theft Auto Online this weekend, Rockstar Games is also currently holding a special sale on all physical merchandise and games from their own official storefront. As announced on the official Rockstar Newswire blog, all items from the Rockstar Warehouse are 30 percent off through December 22. The sale includes collectible items and game purchases. The discount savings also extends to Shark Card currency for GTA V, which could help players save up for their very own yacht.. Rockstar Games has even added new products to the store specifically for the sale.

“We’ve also added even more gear to the official Grand Theft Auto V collection that has never been available to purchase before now. So whether rounding out your own personal stash of GTAV collectibles or looking for cool stocking stuffers to gift a fellow GTA fan – you can now pick up sought-after items like the Grotti Polo Shirt, the GTAV Radio Station Pin Set, the Sprunk Water Bottle, the XERO Inflatable Blimp, the Dr. Friedlander Stress Ball, and more – all at 30% off.”

All GTA Online bonus events will run through the end of the day. Tonight is also the deadline for all screenshot entries into the latest snapmatic contest.

[Image via Rockstar Games]