WWE Rumors: ‘Big Angle’ Planned For Tomorrow Night’s ‘Raw’ — Will Brock Lesnar Show Up?

It’s the end of the year and that means WWE is kind of wrapping things up, as is every other company around the world. Well, with a lot of big names out due to injury and other such things, it looks like WWE wants to head into 2016 with a bang. Rumor has it that something big, a huge angle of sorts, will be taking place on tomorrow’s Monday Night Raw and it could set the tone for the start of the new year.

While not a lot of details are known as of yet, Cageside Seats is reporting that there is a “big angle” planned for Raw tomorrow night. It is known that something is set to happen between The Authority and new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Roman Reigns.

This angle has actually already started, as Reigns has gotten the upper-hand on The Authority and the League of Nations in the past couple of weeks. Yes, he did lose at TLC, but then decimated Triple H to end the show.

wwe rumors monday night raw reigns triple h big angle

Right now, Reigns is on top of the world with the WWE Title in his possession and the back-up of his “Family” in Dean Ambrose and the Usos. One has to wonder where things will go from here, but it appears as if The Authority will have something to say about it.

Now, Reigns has already plowed through the members of the League of Nations, so who is next? Could it be Brock Lesnar?

brock lesnar roman reigns

Rusev ran in last night to interfere on Del Rio’s behalf and that gave Lesnar the win. The “Beast Incarnate” proceeded to absolutely demolish both Del Rio and Rusev to the delight of the entire crowd.

Now, the new WWE champion and obvious number one contender (at all times) have both gotten the best of the League of Nations which isn’t proving to be as strong as once thought. Honestly, it only makes sense for Reigns and Lesnar to go at it, but is now really the time?

Lesnar isn’t advertised for another WWE appearance until the Monday Night Raw on Jan. 11, 2016, in New Orleans. Now, that doesn’t mean he can’t be added to another show or two or even simply just show up and surprise the world.

It was The Undertaker who ended up stopping Lesnar’s quest to get back the belt, and that feud is officially over. Who else could either him or Reigns really feud with at this point? One would have to believe that Lesnar wants the belt back and knows what he did to Reigns last year. Why not go after him again?

brock lesnar wwe title

Either way, a “big angle” is rumored for tomorrow’s Monday Night Raw and it will definitely have something to do with Roman Reigns and The Authority. Brock Lesnar’s involvement? Well, that remains to be seen, but anything is possible.

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