Christmas Eve Warmest On Record? Forecasters Are Predicting Warm Weather Next Week

Christmas Eve 2015 could be the warmest on record, according to forecasters. With cities such as New York recently setting record highs, it will probably not surprise many to wake up to warm weather this year, but why is this year so warm?

AccuWeather has been looking at the forecast for Christmas Eve and has the latest on this warm stretch, which will impact much of the eastern and northeastern United States, including the cities of Washington D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York.

"As the jet stream builds back northward, unseasonable warmth will return this Christmas week and replace the more typical December chill from the weekend.

"The jet stream is a strong river of air high in the atmosphere that guides weather systems and separates warm air to the south from cold air to the north."

While the Christmas Eve warmth will be around for a large chunk of next week, AccuWeather predicts a return to more seasonable weather after the Christmas holiday.

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Warm weather will surprise many on the East Coast with record highs on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. [Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]The Weather Channel said New York could approach record highs again the week of Christmas, as will much of the country. The Weather Channel said Christmas Eve and the entire week of Christmas will set records from the Midwest to the East Coast.
"It's possible that some cities along the immediate Northeast coast could set a daily record high for Christmas Day just after midnight or in the early morning hours thereafter. Daytime temperatures will then be cooler. This includes New York City where the daily record high of 64 degrees could be threatened in the very early morning hours before sunrise on Dec. 25, but will then see a daytime high in the 50s."
Cities in the South could be downright balmy on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, with The Weather Channel predicting high temperatures on Christmas Day of 69 in Little Rock, 79 in Jackson, 82 in Montgomery, 87 in Orlando, and 81 in New Orleans.

All of the unusual Christmas Eve and Christmas Day weather will occur at the same time as another unusual Christmas event -- a Christmas full moon.

According to, this year's Christmas full moon will be the first since 1977.

For star gazers or just those interested in this rare event, the website said it will start just after Christmas Eve, with the full moon visible at its height around 5:11 a.m. Central Time/6:11 a.m. Eastern Time on December 25.

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Shoppers like these in Australia will likely not need jackets and gloves during their last week of holiday shopping, with record highs expected on Christmas Eve in the eastern United States. [Photo by Sandra Mu/Getty Images]So just how often do these Christmas Eve and Christmas Day full moons happen? Not so often, the site said.
"December's full moon is known as a 'Full Cold Moon,' but it rarely falls on Christmas Day. It is known as a full cold moon because December nights are the longest of the year, so the full moon gets long to shine, and temperatures typically are cold.

"NASA reports that the next full moon on Christmas won't come until the year 2034, so if you want to see the rare treat, this year is the only option for a very long time."

While a large section of the United States will be dealing with unusually warm weather for December, the story has been the exact opposite in Israel. Earlier this month, the Times of Israel reported many parts of the Middle Eastern nation reaching temperatures as low as 15 and 20 degrees. Meteorologists who follow weather trends in the country have said Israel is expected to experience an unusually "chilly" winter season. The nation has been battered with severe weather this year, with the Times reporting one person killed in an October storm that left thousands of Israelis without power.

As for weather in the Eastern United States, highs are expected hover in the 60s Friday with rain from Washington to New York, according to The Weather Channel.

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