Miley Cyrus Goes Topless In Concert Again And Is Pissed That Her Fake ‘T**s’ Were Censored

Miley Cyrus went topless, revealing a pair of prosthetic breasts at her concert in L.A. on Saturday, December 19, Us Weekly reports.

“I still can’t believe that my fake t–s get censored,” the “We Can’t Stop” singer 23, said in the caption of an Instagram picture of herself in a rainbow wig, silver harness, and panties. She paired the outfit with a unicorn headdress and a pink wand. Her backup dancers were dressed up as rainbows and skeletons, but her surprise guest wasn’t. Former Baywatch babe and PETA activist, Pamela Anderson, joined Miley on stage wearing a over sized black shirt and short shorts. She also carried a sign with the words “Save the Whales,” on it.

Miley Cyrus Gets Topless on Stage Alongside Pamela Anderson – E! Online — SingerNewz (@SingerNewz) December 20, 2015

Pamela Anderson wasn’t the only celebrity in attendance. Zac Efron, Cody Simpson, and Bella Hadid were also there, according to Us Weekly.

But this isn’t the first time that Miley has decided not to wear all of her clothing on stage. She also went topless at a gig on the Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz tour in Chicago last month.

This follows the release of a new Miley Cyrus music video for her song “BB Talk,” in which dresses herself up as a giant baby dressed in some pretty outrageous outfits like a thong baby onesie. Cyrus also sucked on her toes and on a pacifier during the video.

As E! Online reports, Miley’s recent concert is actually the third time we’ve seen her topless in the last couple of weeks. On Tuesday, Paper Magazine released photos from her latest photoshoot and interview for the magazine. In the photos, Miley is covered in purple body paint and eating pizza.

“I was so sober, I painted myself pink to enjoy a slice in my fairy garden. I’ve never tried any psychedelics, but I’m not against it. LOL,” she told the publication.

On Wednesday, Plastik magazine published its own scandalous cover shoot with the former star of “Hannah Montana.” Cyrus is pretty much topless for the photo shoot, except for some ice cream pasties and matching eye patch. This cover is just one of a collection of covers which fans can purchase for $25-$45 apiece.

But as The Daily Mail reports, going topless isn’t the most outrageous thing Miley Cyrus has been doing on stage.

During a tour stop in Vancouver, Miley removed a dildo she was wearing and pointed it to a fan and encouraged her to lick it.

The “Do It” singer was in Vancouver on her one and only Canadian date on the Dead Petz tour. Although smoking was banned at the venue, she lit up a join on stage. As can be expected, she went topless during the event and wore a couple of mushroom-shaped pink sequin nipple tassels complete with a bright pink wig.

She also dressed up as a block of butter and wore an oversized babygro.

But Miley’s recent antics with her dog, Milky, have been causing some displeasure amongst some of Miley’s fans.

In some of her more recent Instagram posts, it appears that she wrote all over the white puppy with colored markers. In one Instagram snap, Milky is seen with what appears to be nail polish on his claws. A brief glance at the comments will show you that some of her fans weren’t happy with her decision. The “Wrecking Ball” singer captioned the photo, “Hippie dawgggg! #milkymilkymilk.”

Miley Cyrus painted her dogs nails.
Miley Cyrus painted her dogs nails. Photo via Instagram

[Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images]