Beyoncé Won't Sue Her Father Over Destiny's Child Rights: Father Claims He's Found New Group To Work With [Video]

Beyoncé and her father, Mathew Knowles, are not planning on engaging in a large familial lawsuit, her father confirmed this week. After In Touch magazine began reporting that Beyoncé planned to sue her dad for the rights to the Destiny's Child franchise, rumors began flying that Beyoncé was having her lawyers draft legal documents. But it seems the father/daughter duo has no such plans, with Mathew calling the rumors "categorically untrue," reports Entertainment Tonight.

According to the article published by In Touch, Beyonce "feels [her dad] basically stole the group and the [trademark] on Destiny's Child." The group was originally called Girl's Tyme until Knowles took it over. Of course, "Beyoncé never wanted to sue him," the source revealed, but he has "given her no choice."

The article indicated that Beyonce isn't receiving as many royalties as she should, and her dad won't "allow them to use their own name — unless he gets paid." In Touch also revealed that Mathew is "bracing himself for a massive lawsuit," and Beyoncé fans should expect Beyoncé to take "control of her own destiny" as she "watches the man who took advantage of her go down in flames." While Beyoncé has stayed mum on the subject, her father has flatly denied the rumors are true.

Mathew even went so far as to tell Entertainment Tonight that the "dangerous rumors" that Beyoncé plans to sue over the rights to Destiny's Child "defame my family name," and assured Beyoncé fans that the rumors "have no validity and hold no merit." Currently, all the rights to Destiny's Child are held by Knowles, and was a major reason why Beyoncé stopped working with her father as her manager in 2011.

"There are many other important topics needing America's attention," Knowles advised, adding that the media "needs to get on higher ground."

Although Beyoncé and her father reportedly have a good relationship, with Knowles seeing Blue Ivy frequently, Beyonce's father still manages Destiny's Child. Knowles has openly said he's hoping to reunite Beyoncé with her former band mates for a comeback, although Beyoncé is so busy with her own brand, as well as her product endorsement, that it's hard to see how Beyoncé will have the time for a tour for a band that hasn't been together in years. According to Billboard, Mathew has said he is "extremely hopeful" that Beyoncé will agree to a Destiny's Child reunion for "an album and a tour," although it's not looking likely.

He's also talking with film companies about producing a biographical movie about Beyonce and Destiny's Child, and is shopping it around to different production companies. He has yet to get a taker, however.

Rather than focus on the negative rumors surrounding Beyonce, her father is instead "focusing on lectures and seminars that help people achieve something positive and achieve better lives," reports Entertainment Tonight. Knowles has been touring the country, offering lectures on the music industry that he's called "The Entertainment Industry: How Do I Get In?"

The seminars are supposed to help fans who want to be like Beyoncé as well as "dancers, singers, actors, directors, producers, agents, and stage parents" get the inside scoop on how to make it in the entertainment industry. In the past, Knowles has asserted that he's not looking for the next Beyoncé in the lectures, but instead he wants to teach about the "behind the scenes" part of the music industry.

Knowles reportedly has found the next Beyoncé, and his rep said he'll begin working with a new girl group called Blushhh in 2016.

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