Kyle Richards Says Lisa Rinna And Eileen Davidson Talking About Kim Richards Was Wrong

Kyle Richards does not like the fact that her co-stars, Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson, brought up her sister, Kim Richards, during their meet up following her European vacation. In her latest blog post, posted on Thursday, Kyle made clear that she wishes that Lisa and Eileen didn't bring up Kim and her sobriety issues.

Kyle said that she was just hoping for a nice time, but Lisa and Eileen immediately started talking about Kim. To Kyle, it felt "wrong" that Lisa and Eileen, who are not close to Kim nor her friends, were talking about Kim and even seemed to have looked up information on her on the Internet. Kyle in particular doesn't like how Lisa talked about Kim. Kyle said that what Lisa said in her interview was as if she was kicking her when she was down.
"I felt bombarded with the Kim questions. I am not my sister's keeper and had no desire to discuss what was going on with her with two people that are not close to her or her friends. I love Eileen and Lisa, but it felt wrong. Plus it seemed they knew more than I did from looking at the internet. Watching Lisa Rinna speak against my sister Kim in her interview upset me. We all knew Kim was struggling, and it felt like she was kicking her when she was down. This is precisely why I didn't want to discuss Kim with her at all."
On Tuesday night's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Rinna, Eileen Davidson, and Kyle Richards met up for lunch. The talk turned to Kyle's sister, Kim Richards, whom Eileen and Lisa met and hung out with last season when they all starred on the show. Eileen wondered what Kim has been up to since she "escaped from rehab." Lisa wonders if Kim has the tools to function in society, and if she's a danger to others. Kyle seemed uncomfortable with the conversation and voiced that she feels as if she's betraying Kim by talking about her sobriety to others when she's not there. Headlines from news and blog sites about Kim's troubles over the summer, which included multiple rehab stays and two arrests, were flashed across the screen.

Lisa and Kim had a lot of drama with one another on Season 5. It all kicked off during the car ride over to Eileen's poker party. Kim behaved so erratically during the car ride that Lisa started wondering if she was under the influence of something. The strange behavior and incoherent speech continued at the party, which ultimately led to Kyle and Brandi Glanville fighting over control of Kim. After that incident, Lisa in particular openly questioned Kim's sobriety and wondered why it seemed to be such a taboo subject.

Kim lashed out at Lisa and Eileen Davidson during the group's Amsterdam trip for talking about her sobriety. Over dinner in a restaurant, Kim made fun of Eileen's appearance and called her "a beast." Kim also said that they should talking about Lisa's "situation at home" and implied that her husband, actor Harry Hamlin, did something inappropriate that's being swept under the rug. Upon hearing her husband's name being dragged into the fight, Lisa got so enraged that she stood up and threw a wine glass down on the table. Kyle was so distressed that she immediately fled from the area.

Unlike the previous five seasons of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kim Richards isn't a starring housewife alongside her sister Kyle Richards this season. Instead, she will be seen making a few appearances as a guest. The preview for Season 6 shows that viewers will see her in at least one scene, in which she confronts Lisa Rinna about talking about her sobriety. Kim tells Lisa that she really threw her under the bus, to which Lisa retorts that Kim needs to own up to her issues. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kim has also been photographed filming a scene with Brandi Glanville, who will also appear later on in the season as a guest, and starring housewife Yolanda Foster.

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