Is Josh Duggar's Embarrassing Past Being Exploited For Cash Gain While Jim Bob And Michelle Adopt More Children? [Video]

The Josh Duggar scandals, and the tear-filled confessions on Jill & Jessa: Counting On, are just the latest way for the Duggar family to cash in, says Amy Duggar's husband, Dillon King. Jill & Jessa: Counting On earned high ratings after its first airing, and it seems the Duggar family may stoop to anything, including exploiting Josh Duggar's past behaviors, to keep themselves on air.

Jill & Jessa: Counting On is supposed to follow Jill Dillard and Jessa Duggar Seewald as they move past the Josh Duggar molestation scandals and on with their lives. Instead, the premiere episode revealed emotional interviews with Jill and Jessa, who were molested by Josh, and his wife, Anna Duggar. They also interviewed Josh Duggar's brothers and sisters.

During her interview, Anna Duggar tearfully revealed, "it is such a betrayal for a spouse to go through what we're walking through," referring to revelations that in addition to molesting five teenage girls, Josh also cheated on her using two different Ashley Madison accounts. One woman, adult film star Danica Dillon, has come forward as one of the women Josh has slept with.

Anna told Jill & Jessa: Counting On viewers that it "was hard to realize that it was such a public [ordeal]," according to Radar Online. During the episode, Josh Duggar's brothers and sisters were also interviewed. The entire episode really only talked about the scandals and how the family dealt with them, instead of Jessa and Jill's new lives and children.

Naturally, the topic brought in high ratings, as scandals often do, but members of the Duggar family have openly criticized Jim Bob and Michelle for trying to capitalize on the skeletons in their closet, and recoup some of the income they lost after 19 Kids & Counting was cancelled by TLC. The network has also come under fire because while it immediately terminated its relationship with Mama June Shannon after she reunited with a convicted child molester, TLC has still honored its contracts with the Duggar clan. TLC also reportedly aired commercials of companies, like Crayola, who openly have said they want nothing more to do with the Duggar clan.

In a recent interview with In Touch magazine, Amy Duggar's husband, Dillon King, openly criticized his extended family for taking advantage of the scandal to try to turn tragedy into cold hard cash. King told In Touch that it "looks like [Josh Duggar's sisters] are using all the emotion for ratings," adding that it is "just not right" to exploit child molestation for gain.

This isn't the first time that Dillon has criticized the Duggar family, and Josh in particular. When Brad Paisley publicly mocked Josh Duggar at the Country Music Awards this year, King posted on Instagram that Paisley is "the man" for making fun of the hypocritical Josh Duggar. Unfortunately, Dillon King later deleted the comment.

Of course, we have not seen Josh Duggar in the public since he left for rehab for his sex addiction. Josh hasn't had the chance to defend himself. Although, there are rumors that Josh left rehab last November after Jim Bob and three other unidentified companions touched down in the family plane near to the faith-based rehab center and left just a few hours later for the Duggar home in Arkansas. Reportedly, nobody has seen 27-year-old Josh in months.

In the past, Michelle and Jim Bob have suggested on 19 Kids & Counting that they might adopt children as they move past their child-bearing years, so it's possible Josh is being kept out of the limelight to move that process along. With Josh being as embroiled in his scandals, of course it would make it hard for Jim Bob and Michelle to adopt if Josh were around.

What do you think? Is the family exploiting the Josh Duggar scandals in Jill & Jessa: Counting On so they can cash in? Are they keeping Josh hidden to pave the way so they can adopt? Leave your comment below!

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