'Regression' Star Emma Watson Voices Her Opinion On 'Difficult' Actresses

Emma Watson is among the most intellectually all-rounded actors in Britain. A Brown University graduate, Emma Watson has also been appointed the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador in 2014. In addition, Emma Watson was instrumental in launching the HeForShe campaign, which called for men to be at the forefront in the fight for gender equality.

This year, Emma Watson has starred in films such as While We're Young, Regression, and Colonia. About how she chooses her roles, she recently revealed during an interview with Metro, a Belgian newspaper that she usually does so instinctively. This is according to a translation of the interview by Watson Uncensored.

Emma Watson on Colonia
Emma Watson on Colonia [Image via Twitter]Emma Watson also spoke about how male actors are usually seen as "heroic" when a "bit stubborn" on set, while ladies who were authoritarian are perceived as "bossy." This was when answering a question as to whether she thought she was "difficult" in some of her roles and if she thought there were double standards in the industry.

On the modalities of accepting roles, Emma Watson apparently accepted the role on Regression as Angela Gray after learning that Alejandro Amenabar was the director. This is according to a report by the BBC in which she stated the following.

"I never would have done a movie like this without knowing I was doing it with a director who was incredibly tasteful, which is Alejandro. Under any other circumstance, I wouldn't really go there. He's just so good."
This was during an interview with the Radio 1 Breakfast Show. She also highlighted that all the elements on Regression were just right, from the director to the budget. This was her statement.
"Getting a film put together right, to me, feels like a lunar eclipse. It's this perfect miracle of all of these happenings happening at the same moment. So the right director with the right cast with enough money to get it made properly. All these disparate elements have to arrive at the same perfect moment."
Moreover, Emma Watson had a lot of praise for Ethan Hawke, who co-starred with her in Regression.
"He's just such a joy to be around. Every day he would come into the make-up trailer playing a different instrument. He was just really nice to be around. He was also a child actor, so it was nice. I got to talk to him a lot about what that's like."
The film featuring Emma Watson received a 3.8 out of ten from critics on Rotten Tomatoes.

Emma Watson, Crown Princess and Princess Maria Olympia of Greece at the Valentino, Paris Fashion Week [Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]
Emma Watson, Crown Princess and Princess Maria Olympia of Greece at the Valentino, Paris Fashion Week [Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]The following are some of the most notable opinions by reviewers.
"The film is almost saved from complete mediocrity by Emma Watson."

"The movie exudes a certain seriousness which its screenplay manifestly can't support."

"It is well performed but lacks tension and surprise."

On the latest film updates, Emma Watson is set to star in Beauty and the Beast, an American musical fantasy picture written by Stephen Chbosky and Evan Spiliotopoulos, and with Bill Condon as its director. Apparently, the story is based on the fairy tale by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont. Emma Watson plays the title role of Belle in the film.

According to IMDB, the character is considered an outcast by others because of her nonconformity, and looks forward to the day she leaves her village for a life of freedom and adventure. However, when her father is held captive by the Beast, she is forced to give up her freedom in exchange for his. She ends up loving the Beast despite his scary exterior.

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