ISIS Recruit Gives Warning Of Major Terrorist Attack In U.K., Europe

ISIS is working on a major terrorist attack occurring in multiple countries at the same time, according to an ISIS recruit who is now in the hands of German security officials.

According to the Economic Times, a German national identified as Harry Sarfo spent time in the ISIS capital of Raqqa, Syria, earlier this year, fighting alongside ISIS militants. The 27-year-old deserted ISIS when he found out he would have to commit some type of atrocity in his homeland.

Sarfo grew up in Germany. His parents are said to be Christian, of Ghanaian origin. Sarfo and his mother supposedly moved, when he was a teenager, to London after he was involved in some petty criminality in Bremen city, said the Economic Times. Later, Sarfo was convicted of robbing a supermarket and spent two years in prison.

When Sarfo converted to Islam under the instruction of a "dangerous radical" in prison, he changed his name to Bilal and traveled to Mecca with another British man. He briefly returned to Germany before joining up with ISIS in Syria. While there, he claims he heard people often talk about staging attacks on the West.

ISIS supporters
ISIS still gains foreign fighters through inspired support and direct recruiting. [Photo by AP Photo, File]Although Sarfo has been seen on film carrying an ISIS banner, his lawyer claims he has not been involved in any executions.

"He is a lackey who allowed himself to be misled by the propaganda of ISIS. He wants to come clean," said his lawyer, Udo Wurtz.

Sarfo told German security officials that almost all foreign fighters are being encouraged to return to their home countries to take part in major terrorist attacks.

Sarfo said that major terrorist attacks are to be carried out in unison. It's exactly the type of attack that many people have been afraid of since attacks in Paris and San Bernardino have been carried out by ISIS terrorists and ISIS-inspired terrorists.

"They want something that happens everywhere at the same time."
ISIS Paris Attacks
Since the deadly Paris Attacks, people all over the world have been on high alert for other attacks carried out by ISIS. [Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images]According to Speigel Online, Sarfo is a witness to several beheadings and other executions, although he was only with ISIS in Raqqa for just three months. Although Sarfo says he was never sent into battle, he says he spent time training with about 50 other men. All day he says he underwent marches, sit ups, and standing around in the sun. He says he left the terror group because he saw too much violence, and he "walked and walked" to Turkey to escape in secret when he had enough.

Had he stayed, he claims he would have been a part of a special unit involving house-to-house combat. It was a type of suicide squad, Sarfo said. He was given a Kalashnikov that he was to keep on himself at all times, even in bed while sleeping.

Those who give up during training and do not escape are beaten and imprisoned. Sarfo said he saw many Germans who went into battle and did not come back alive.

"Luckily, I managed to get away," Sarfo said.

Luckily for German officials, they were able to nab Sarfo fairly quickly when he escaped from ISIS. When he arrived in Bremen on July 20, German police arrested him for membership in a terrorist group.

Officials hope the knowledge they have gained from Sarfo can be useful in the future in several ways, and they will likely share critical information with British intelligence agency MI5.

Sarfo is just one of hundreds of foreign fighters who have joined ISIS and then returned to their countries of origin. An estimated 800 British extremists have gone to Syria to join up with ISIS, and around 450 may have come back to the UK.

[Photo by AP Photo, File]