Puffin Colony Cam Gives HD Look At The ‘Clowns Of The Sea’ [Live Video]

Want to watch some Puffins? The National Audubon Society and Explore.org have just launched their Puffin Colony Cam, which will provide a live HD stream of the “clowns of the sea” from a remote island off the coast of Maine.

Charles Annenberg Weingarten, founder of explore.org and VP of the Annenberg Foundation, said:

“The Puffin Cams have a mesmerizing effect that we believe will help people escape the stresses of everyday life and provide a positive benefit that will carry over when they return to their daily obligations.”

According to a press release, several HD cameras have been set up at Maine’s Seal Island National Wildlife Refuge to capture the puffins as they court, breed, and strut around the island.

Steve Kress, director of Audubon’s seabird restoration program, said that he hopes the puffin colony cam will spark more interest around the country and help preserve the birds.

Kress said:

“About a third of all seabird species in the world are threatened with extinction…It’s the most troubled group of birds in the world. And the puffin is the bird among seabirds that people can relate to… We’re excited to give people a window into this wonderful world of seabirds, and we hope to inspire viewers everywhere to take actions that improve the planet for birds and people.”

This isn’t the only live feed that Explore.org currently has running. The organization also has cameras watching osprey, pandas, and the coral reef.

You can check out the puffin colony cam here.