WWE News: Former WWE World Champion Seth Rollins Advertised For WWE Slammy Awards Show

The WWE Slammy Awards are going down this Monday live on WWE RAW. The show is usually a great night for ratings, as awards for talent that people vote on tend to be an interesting thing. Awards for the event range from the ever-popular Superstar of the Year to Diva of the Year and OMG Moment of the Year. Of course, there are some awards that are named for the time they are in to land better in the current pop culture, such as the infamous Despicable Me Award.

Each year, the Slammy Awards highlight some of the best moments of the year, as well as some of the best WWE Superstars and Divas of the year. It is a night that many fans enjoy seeing yearly, which is why it could see a spike in ratings. It is also a night all WWE Superstars and Divas have a chance to be up for an award this year. For the first time ever, all male superstars are up for the Superstar of the Year award, which means some injured talent could be back.

One of them is Seth Rollins. Rollins injured his MCL, ACL, and medial meniscus a little while back. He had surgery in Birmingham, Alabama, through Dr. Andrews office and had the injured areas repaired. However, he will need a long time to recover. The current prognosis for a return is around 9 months. So, Seth Rollins won’t be able to perform again until around WWE SummerSlam. This is a perfect time for him to come back, of course, but it is a long time for fans.

Rollins Champ

With this being said, Lesnar is ready to go, and it makes a lot of sense to see him in Minnesota on Monday. Meanwhile, John Cena is done filming for his new Fox show, which means he could certainly be available for the show on Monday. However, the last idea for his return was December 28. He very well could make a surprise return tomorrow on RAW, which fans might actually enjoy for once.

Regarding Seth Rollins, he was down in Alabama rehabbing for a while, but did make his way back up to Iowa to be in his hometown and finish that up for the rest of the time he needed to spend doing so. Many believe he would easily make the trip to Minnesota to be there for RAW.

Cena Rollins

That said, WWE could begin to show signs of this happening on RAW, as Seth Rollins easily could be part of some backstage segment or Triple H could interrupt Rollins’s acceptance speech if he does end up winning. WWE will know the winners of most of the awards by the start of the show, so if Rollins does not win anything then they could do a segment backstage. We will have to wait and see. With three big stars making their way back for the show, RAW just got a bit more interesting if last week didn’t already help that.