'The X-Files' Spoilers: No Aliens!

As the debut of The X-Files revival draws ever closer, excitement mounts in anticipation of what conspiracies Chris Carter and company have in store for us X-philes. If Gillian Anderson is to be believed, the return of The X-Files may not be what many fans are expecting.

Did Gillian Anderson Just Spoil The Entire X-Files Revival?

The X-Files, Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny
The X-Files will have no aliens, says Gillian Anderson. [Image via FOX]The X-Files revival will have much to keep us tuning in for the six-episode event, and much to certainly keep us paranoid, like drones, surveillance, and domestic terrorism. It won't, however, feature any little grey men, according to Gillian Anderson, who plays Special Agent Dana Scully.
"Will there be aliens in it? No, no aliens this year, sorry. It will be scary. I hope it will be good."
Wait. What? No aliens? This is rather disappointing, especially considering how much of the past series was dedicated to alien colonization and cover-up conspiracies.

Still, Anderson doesn't want to sound too disparaging.

"There'll be some laughs and I think overall, even though I haven't seen any of it, I'm most pleased with the fact it feels like what we used to deliver."
Gillian added that they have gone back to the original monster of the week kind of series, as in the classic X-Files seasons. She said fans have been asking for this return to basics, so she hopes everyone will be happy with what The X-Files revival has to offer.

Some fans think Anderson was just pulling everyone's leg and that there really is an alien conspiracy at the heart of The X-Files revival. A conspiracy within a conspiracy, so to speak. Perhaps so.

The final season of the original X-Files run revolved around a conspiracy of genetically engineered super soldiers trying to take over the world's governments. There has been no mention of these super soldiers in regards to the revival season, but that doesn't mean that they aren't out there.

Chris Carter Spoil Gillian Anderson's Fun

The X-Files, Fox Mulder, Dana Scully
The X-Files is returning with a new conspiracy. [Image via Fox]Chris Carter and Fox just ruined all of Gillian's fun with a new, behind the scenes look at The X-Files revival. You can't blame a girl for trying. As the video plays, Carter comments that the reboot will twist The X-Files mythos in an exciting, new direction. So, does that mean there really will be aliens after all?


According to Carter, "the government's secreting of evidence about extra-terrestrials might come into play."

That certainly does sound like aliens will be key to The X-Files revival.

On a more serious note, Anderson said she understands what it must be like to watch the show as a fan. She says the opening sequence, when those familiar faces show up, followed by the familiar crossbeams of light and that spooky theme music, must excite fans like nothing else.

For those that would like to meet Gillian Anderson in person and scold The X-Files actress for trying to shame us, a trip to Salt Lake City may be just the thing. It has been announced that Anderson will be a guest at Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience, which takes place March 24–26.

Dan Farr, President and founder of Salt Lake Comic Con, made the announcement on Fox News, though he credits the local fanbase for their ability to draw in big name guests, such as Anderson.

"One of the things that's happened here because the fans are so great here in Utah, our reputation is preceding us in a big way, and there's a lot of people who reach out to us and say 'Hey, so-and-so is interested in coming to your show.' "
The X-Files revival will premiere on Sunday, January 24 on Fox.

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