Bronx: Man Who Beat 2-Month-Old Baby To Death Arrested, Mother Helped Dispose Of Body

A 31-year-old mother from Bronx has been arrested, along with her 51-year-old boyfriend, after the woman confessed to have helped dump the remains of her own son in a wooded area in Putnam County. According to a New York Daily News report, the woman, whose name has not been released by officials, told police officials that her boyfriend beat her son to death and then used her help to dispose off the infant's body in a wooded area in upstate Putnam County.

After the mother made the chilling confession, she was arrested along with her boyfriend. She also led police officials to the location where they had dumped the infant's body. Police officials have managed to recover the body, reports confirm. The body of the 2-month-old boy was found very close to a Brewster motel, where the woman and her boyfriend stayed on the night this happened. The employees at the motel were shocked to learn of the incident when they found about it later. A worker at the Heidi's Inn motel on Route 22 told the New York Daily News the following.

"Oh Jesus. That's horrible! Even if you have the irrational desire to murder a baby, you'd think there'd be something left in your soul that you wouldn't want to carry it around."
Another worker at the hotel added the following.
"It's unsettling. A premeditated act like that and then to carry the baby around? It's just antithetical to normal human behavior. There's a million acres of woods between New York and here that nobody ever walks on."
The Heidi's Inn motel is located on a remote stretch located between the Big Brook and East Branch reservoirs.

The death of the 2-month-old boy would have gone unreported had the mother not told her psychiatrist that her boyfriend had beaten her baby to death. Alarmed by her confession, the doctor reported the incident to local cops, who tracked the woman down and questioned her. Upon questioning, she confirmed that it was her boyfriend who had committed the crime in her absence, and that she only played part in disposing of the body. She admitted driving for over 50 miles with the dead infant in a car in order to dispose of the body. Before disposing of the body, they also checked in to the Heidi's Inn Motel.

The incident reportedly happened on December 10, reports say. After the man killed the baby for reasons that have not been revealed yet, the duo decided to dump the body in a remote area. Soon after the mother's confession, NYPD officials started searching the wooded area late Friday. They had to suspend the search on Friday night, and resumed the same the next day. Sure enough, the body of the baby was found by Saturday noon. The remains have been taken for autopsy, where doctors will try to ascertain the cause of death.

Meanwhile, the 51-year-old man is now being questioned by authorities from the New York Police Department at the 49th precinct station house Saturday night. Officials have also ascertained that the arrested man had a criminal history and has been arrested previously on drug and rape charges. They are also trying to ascertain if the man also happened to be the father of the dead child. The mother is also being questioned in order to ascertain the reason behind the killing of the baby.

This is not the first time we are hearing of a babies being killed by someone who was supposed to protect them. Earlier this year, the Inquisitr had reported about a Washington, D.C., father who admitted to squeezing his 5-week-old baby to death.

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