YouTube Star Jesse Wellens Searches For Missing Mom -- Gets 2 Million BFvsGF Video Views [Video]

The below YouTube video, simply titled "Please Help" on the BFvsGF YouTube channel of Jesse Wellens and Jeana Smith, has been view more than two million times since it was uploaded to YouTube on December 17.

In the description of the YouTube video, more details about Jesse's missing mother can be found, although she is not named, reports Philly Voice.
"Jesse's mom has been missing for 3 days now. She was last seen in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania. She may be in her vehicle, a light gold, almost silver looking SUV, 2000 Lexus RS, New Jersey plate #NPY89T. If you happen to see her or the vehicle, please contact us on Twitter. Thanks so much. I know this might seem a little far fetched but any help we can get is much appreciated."
For a couple that enjoys more than 8 million YouTube subscribers on their BFvsGF channel, Jesse and Jeana have enthralled their YouTube fans for years. Having joined YouTube on October 9, 2009, the couple began with videos like "Late Night Pizza in Philly," uploaded 5 years ago and at 431,968 views, it isn't one of their most popular videos.
"Short video of me eating the best pizza in the city."
The couple is perhaps better known for their prank videos, as seen in the video titled, "COUPLE PRANK WAR! - Official PrankvsPrank Trailer," which has gained 11,434,101 views on YouTube in two years.
"This is the official trailer for PrankvsPrank's youtube channel. Share it with your friends. Let them know about PvP!"
Because of those prank videos, Jesse and Jeana are receiving comments from folks wondering if the missing mom video plea is a prank. Others realize, from reading Jeana and Jesse's heartfelt tweets and pleas that Jesse's mom is indeed missing, and that the couple has done all they know to do to find Jesse's mother.

Jeana describes in the above YouTube video that Jesse's mother recently lost her own mother, and that the couple felt horrible that they weren't able to make it back home in time for Jesse's grandmother's funeral. Jeana said Jesse fears his mother may have done something rash, because she suffers from depression and left her cell phone behind.

On Twitter, Philadelphia's Wellens has been tweeting out information that Jesse hopes will help find his mother. Jeana says that the duo have contacted the police and have been searching for Jesse's mom since December 14, when she went missing. Worries about suicide risks are being reported in relation to Wellens' mother.

Recently, Jeana and Jesse uploaded a video that showed the couple celebrating their 10 years together with a video that began with footage from way back from 2005. It was when Jeana and Jesse first began dating and reportedly first said they loved one another, well before the thought that they'd someday become the stars of the hit PrankvsPrank and BFvsGF YouTube channels. That video shows the couple at a spa in some portions, as well. Jesse accidentally reformatted some of the video footage and erased part of their 10-year anniversary celebration.

Jeana appears especially emotional in the "Please Help" video, telling YouTube viewers that she and Jesse usually never bring such personal topics to their YouTube audience. Jeana stops the YouTube video several times when she becomes overcome with emotion and appears to cry. The YouTube star explains how she and Jesse have already looked for his mom in the normal haunts that she visits, to no avail thus far.

They do believe Jesse's mother could be in the Willow Grove area of Pennsylvania, and as such, they published photos of Jesse's mom, along with a photo of the type of SUV she could be driving.

[Image via YouTube/BFvsGF]