'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: Abigail Fights For Chad, Steve And Kayla Battle Ava, And The Hortons Gather For Christmas

Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that there is a big week of episodes ahead. Viewers have watched as Andre brainwashed Chad, forcing him to break up with Abigail. In addition, Kayla and Steve have reconnected, but Ava is back in Salem with plans to shake things up. Where are things headed in the episodes airing during the week of December 21?

Viewers watched as Ava and Kayla had an intense conversation, and Days of Our Lives spoilers from We Love Soaps detail that Steve and Kayla will be working together on Monday to sort through Ava's claims. Joey has been working with Ava, not realizing her problematic past connections to the family, and Steve will soon be warning Joey that she is bad news.

Monday's episode brings some awkward moments between Chad and Belle from the sounds of things. Andre's reason for brainwashing Chad was to force a split with Abby so Chad could charm Belle and get the family money back. However, Days of Our Lives spoilers share that Belle may not make this as easy as Andre anticipated.

"Chabby" fans are quite unhappy with this brainwashing storyline, as they had hoped that Chad and Abby could finally be happy together. Luckily, it sounds as if this split will likely be fairly short-lived.

Abigail is said to figure out quite quickly that Chad's family is behind this split, and she will not shrink away from taking a stand. Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that she will be confronting Andre, and Stefano and Chabby will be reconnecting and working to turn the tables on his family very soon.

Brady and Philip will be clashing over the family business, while Theresa and Kate have some fresh battles, as well. Days of Our Lives spoilers share that Victor will look to bring Caroline to his place to live, rattling Maggie, and Caroline has another troublesome vision about Victor.

Rafe gets some helpful tidbits about Malcolm, while Eve hears Claire sing and sees some potential there, shares SoapCentral. DOOL spoilers also indicate that there will be some big moments between Lucas and Adrienne in this coming week.

Belle will be urging Claire to head back to Maine, but she resists. Days of Our Lives spoilers have teased that Shawn will be returning to Salem soon, so there are big moments ahead yet for Belle and Shawn.

The coming week brings emotional moments as the Horton family gathers to decorate the tree. There will be new ornaments for Chase and Thomas Jack, but heartbreaking moments as the group gathers to think back on their losses this past year.

John and Marlena will be sorting through new and dangerous challenges heading their way while Kate and Eduardo take some steps forward on developing a romance. Viewers can expect a big moment for Kayla and Steve late in the week, but Ava's return is still a threat to their happiness. Teasers indicate that Abby's big confrontation with Andre and Stefano will play out during Friday's show.

Days of Our Lives spoilers teasing two engagements and weddings soon are floating around, as it seems that both Kayla and Steve, as well as Chad and Abigail, will be pushing forward and looking toward happy futures together. However, both couples still have significant obstacles to overcome before they can wed.

How do Abby and Chad sort through this new threat to their happiness? What is Ava planning with her return to Salem? It is a full week of action-packed episodes ahead for the week of December 21 and Days of Our Lives fans cannot wait to see how it all comes together.

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