The Return Of Kyrie Irving

With the Cleveland Cavaliers playing extraordinarily well, they are about to get even better with one of their star players returning on Sunday against the Philadelphia 76ers. Kyrie Irving is returning!

Kyrie Irving is back. [Image via shutterstock]Even without Kyrie Irving, LeBron James and the Cavaliers have been on a roll with a record of 17-7 and leading the Eastern Conference.

Last year, when the Cavaliers entered the NBA Finals, Irving was plagued with injury by suffering a fracture to his left kneecap. Cleveland could have had a chance of winning the NBA Finals if Irving was playing, but ultimately fell short to the Warriors.

LeBron James has been carrying the team with Irving on the bench recovering from injury while getting help from Kevin Love.

With Irving coming back, it will really help to take the pressure off of James and Love, and give Irving a little more opportunity to make big plays with the rest of the teams having to turn their attention to him.

Irving stated on Twitter on December 19, “I’m back,” telling all of his fans and the world that he is ready once again to show the world the star that he was and that he still is.

Before Irving got hurt, he was one of the best point guards in the game. Then, with the addition of LeBron James and Kevin Love, there is arguably not a better trio on the basketball court.

Irving will come back and get to play against the Philadelphia 76ers on Sunday for his first game back and then will get to play again Wednesday against the Knicks to get back into the flow of the NBA once again.

Kyrie Irving is back!! [Image via Shutterstock)These two games will likely be good for Irving to get his feet wet, but then Irving has to face off with the best point guard in the league, Stephen Curry, and the Golden State Warriors. This could also be a good test for Irving, because he’ll have to play his best to contain Curry and not let him dominate the game as he’s been doing lately.

Curry and the Golden State Warriors have been on fire, losing only one game. No one has been able to contain Curry and his three point shots, but Irving will get his chance to show the entire NBA that he is the best point guard in the league.

“I’m pretty excited,” said Irving on Saturday when he was talking about his comeback to the NBA. “There were a few things I had to clear up, but there was no rush on it… I’ve been ready to play, but biomechanically, we just wanted to make sure everything was good so I wouldn’t put myself at risk.”

This is good news for Irving because the team and Irving himself wanted to make sure that everything was all clear and there was no risk of him getting injured again for his comeback.

Irving said that his injury time out of the NBA was a tough time in his life and said that it was also an emotional time for him because of the long recovery time and because he was not able to play in the NBA finals alongside his teammates.

“The emotions and thoughts, that’s the hardest thing,” said Irving. “A lot has changed on the basketball court and in my life.”

Irving’s life has changed a little.

While recovering from his injury, Irving and his wife welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world.

So, now when Irving steps onto the court, he will not only be playing for himself and his team but he will now also be playing to make his wife and his new little girl proud.

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