Big Bang Finally Happens On 'Big Bang Theory' For Sheldon & Amy: Showrunner Talks 'Star Wars' & Wil Wheaton

The Big Bang Theory carefully refrained from showing any hints of a big bang for its most popular couple, Sheldon and Amy, for months. Recently, rumors swirled that gave fans hope that this would be this season (currently its ninth) where the brilliant (in terms of knowledge) but clueless (in terms of relationships) duo consummated their love. It finally happened on Episode 11 of The Big Bang Theory, noted EW.

The writers of The Big Bang Theory managed to pack it all into one episode: Amy and Sheldon have sexual relations, Star Wars opens, and Sheldon resolves to give Amy a birthday to remember. The plot hung on the news that Amy's birthday was the same date as Star Wars' opening. With most of The Big Bang Theory characters known for their love of anything and everything Star Wars, would Sheldon choose to join his male pals for the opening night or prioritize girlfriend Amy's birthday celebration?

Sheldon must choose between Amy and
Sheldon must choose between Amy and 'Star Wars' with his pals. [Image via CBS]The Big Bang Theory geek got so geeked out over the decision that Sheldon found guidance during a dream from Professor Proton attired as a pseudo-Jedi. The wise man told Sheldon he must skip the opening night of Star Wars for Amy. With that settled, Sheldon turned to Bernadette and Penny for guidance on one of three possible gifts.

Sex with him, a trip alone (Sheldon would pay for it) to go to the Wisconsin Wool and Sheep Festival, and (he was not sure if it could be done but it seemed like an impressive concept) the opportunity for her to be harpist for the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

No sheep and no harp, advised his two gal pals. That was enough for Sheldon. Penny and Bernadette tried to offer tips to Amy. As soon as she found out (they couldn't resist), she immediately agreed with their hint to have a bikini wax.

Sheldon gets advice from his gal pals.
Sheldon gets advice from his gal pals. [Image via CBS]Sheldon had another dream sequence with the professor, and was told not to be afraid but trust that if Amy was the right woman for him, it would be fine. When her birthday arrived, Sheldon went to her home and proposed they have dinner out, but Amy shyly requested her present first. Worried, Sheldon sought to confirm if it would be fine with her and she gave her answer with a kiss.

Meanwhile, Leonard, Raj and Howard were joined by Wil Wheaton getting ready for Star Wars. Wil rains on their Star Wars parade by sporting a Star Trek costume and advising them to stay cool, because the film could be a big disappointment. He succeeds in getting razzing from the audience and disappointing The Big Bang Theory dude corps.

Wil Wheaton makes an entrance.
Wil Wheaton makes an entrance. [Image via CBS]While the guys were waiting for the film to start, Amy and Sheldon were waiting to get started. The Big Bang Theory shows a sweet shared moment where both admit they weren't sure about it, but then revealed how happy couple was after sex. Sheldon informed Amy that he had such a good time that he was already anticipating repeating it on her birthday a year from now.

Meanwhile, the guys were clearly just as happy about having viewed Star Wars. When Professor Proton checked on Sheldon later to find out how it went, it was clear what trumped his recent life experience in Sheldon's mind.

Amy gets ready for her big bang.
Amy gets ready for her big bang. [Image via CBS]"It was amazing. I saw it a few days later. What a movie," Sheldon says when asked how it went.

Curious about how the writers decided the time was right for Sheldon and Amy to consummate their love while also including Bob Newhart as Professor Proton and Wil Wheaton as himself?

The Big Bang Theory showrunner Steve Molaro told Yahoo TV that everything converged to make it perfect.

"It seemed to be a lovely way to put a bow on the end of the arc of this season, that started at the end of last season when Amy broke up with Sheldon. We had the idea to tie the storylines together between Amy and Sheldon and the Star Wars premiere day, and I knew I always wanted to bring Bob Newhart back again, so it was just all so exciting to us," explained The Big Bang Theory showrunner.

Molaro also gave credit to Wil Wheaton for his willing attitude.

"He's so great. I even texted him ahead of time when we were thinking about [the episode], and I was just like, 'Hey, would you be OK going to the Star Wars premiere with the guys, but not being a Star Wars fan and just being completely pro-Star Trek?' I got back a text five seconds later that said, 'Yes! I'll absolutely do that!' He was game, and on board, and we love having him back whenever we can get him," added Steve.

The Big Bang Theory showrunner also gave credited to the actors who played Sheldon and Amy for how they portrayed the ultimate moment.

"I think we knew for a while that nervousness, especially on the part of Amy, was going to play a big part of it. That seemed very real to us. For all her talk and all her waiting, as a grown woman now facing this moment in her life, I think nerves and fear would be a very real part of that. That's what we tried to capture. I think Mayim [Bialik] and Jim [Parsons] did just a spectacularly beautiful job," he praised.

Molaro was equally enthusiastic about Bob Newhart.

"When I watch those scenes of Bob Newhart as a ghost Jedi, sitting on Sheldon's bed, having a serious conversation, it's funny, it's weird, and it's really sweet," he added.

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