Rogue Dolphin Starts Biting People In Louisiana [Video]

An ill-tempered dolphin is harassing swimmers in Lake Pontchartrain near Slidell, Louisiana. The rogue dolphin has already bitten three people and officials aren’t sure how to deal with the Slidell Dolphin.

The rogue dolphin has every reason to be upset. According to ABC, the Slidell Dolphin swam into Lake Pontchartrain after hurricane Katrina and the gulf oil spill. The pod eventually left the lake but for some reason, one dolphin stayed behind.

Three people have been bit by the dolphin and residents of Lakeshore Estates are worried about their, and the animal’s, safety.

One resident told ABC:

“Somebody’s going to get bitten by this dolphin, they are going to get mad and they are going to shoot the dolphin.”

The Global Post reports that members of the Louisiana Fish and Wildlife held a meeting last week to talk about the animal’s future. For the time being the organization is telling residents to avoid the angry dolphin.

Stacey Horstman, bottlenose dolphin conservation coordinator for NOAA Fisheries Service, said:

“We observed people encircling and corralling the dolphin with their jet-skis and boats. They were also reaching out to grab his fins and flippers and otherwise touch and pet him with their hands and objects…. The dolphin is showing normal male dominance behavior. However, these behaviors are misdirected at people and boats because of people interacting with him…. The most important thing to do is to avoid seeking out the dolphin to play or swim with it. If you are recreationally swimming in the canal, stay close to the water’s edge to avoid swimming in the middle of the canal where the dolphin tends to swim. If you see the dolphin, leave the water as quickly as possible to avoid any potential interactions.”

The NOAA Fisheries Service said that they don’t have any plans on removing the dolphin from Lake Pontchartrain at the moment.

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