Kim Kardashian: Doctor Warns Not To Have Third Child, Kim Reveals Her Marriage's Connection To Star Wars

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West recently welcomed their first son, Saint West, on December 5- almost an entire month earlier than expected. Saint's big sister North, was also born weeks earlier than her due date. Both are healthy and Kim is recovering well, however, as rumors begin to make the rounds that Kanye and Kim are already wanting to add a third child to their newly-expanded family, their doctor is advising against it.

According to reports, reason for Kim's early deliveries involved a condition known as placenta accreta. RadarOnline notes the seriousness of the condition, by way of OB/GYN Jim Betoni, who shares that accretas can be "very dangerous." The specialist spoke with the celebrity news site on the seriousness of the condition that Kardashian has experienced with both pregnancies.

"Theoretically, most of the time if they had an accreta, they end up with a hysterectomy. It's definitely at high risk. She's definitely got a mark of an increased risk for it because of having it twice, but it's probably that she has risk factors that make her have a placenta that's morbidly adherent," "
Yet, he notes that because Kim was able to give birth naturally, the outcome is not as severe. As for the indication made by Kardashian on her blog, involving eating her own placenta for the "added health benefits," the specialist is not at all in agreement about this common ritual that more families have been doing following their baby's birth.
"Ugh, I'm gonna throw up! I don't understand why people do that. You don't see any evidence that it has any benefit at all!"
Whether the couple, Kanye and Kim, actually went through with the planned event, remains to be known. Kim has, however, recently divulged details as to when it was that she and hubby Kanye, first truly connected, and seeing as it is the opening week for the latest Star Wars film, makes her story extremely fitting.

The 35-year-old mother of two, as Harper's Bazaar notes, shared about the beginnings of the Kardashian-West love story, and the reality star notes how the new release fits so well with their affection for one another.

"In honor of Star Wars: The Force Awakens being released today, I wanted to share these old pics of Kanye and me from years ago! We worked together on a pilot for a show called Alligator Boots back in 2008 and I played Princess Leia. We had met before this project (back in 2003) I would say this is when we first really connected. These pics are SO funny!"

The show never made it to air after the pair shot the pilot that involves Kim's character making Kanye's character aware that she intends to sleep with his puppet. However, as the publication notes, the interaction was "the catalyst" for what is now a relationship that "dominates pop culture." Whether people like or hate the Kanye and Kim saga, it seems they have the world's attention and all eyes on them, which is likely just as they wish it to be.

Kim and Kanye recently stepped out, as Radar shares, with new baby Saint and their toddler North on December 17, in order to make it to Saint's first check up. Kim was looking chic with her hair is a sleek braid to match daughter North's hair. The star also wore all black and capped off the look with a lengthy camel-color coat, for an effortless, mommy-on-the-run appeal. Kardashian had gained nearly 60 Lbs during her pregnancy with Saint, but looks healthy and happy, as does the rest of her beautiful family.

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