Channing Tatum Reveals He Sent Quentin Tarantino An Email A Day For A Month To Get Role In 'Hateful Eight'

The fact that Channing Tatum has a role in the upcoming Quentin Tarantino film, Hateful Eight, is something that is not very well known, and that is apparently how they prefer things. It was in a recent appearance on Friday's Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon that Tatum revealed that they have been "trying to keep it a little bit of a secret," and told the tale of how his persistent emails helped him get the role.

Technically, we still do not know who Channing plays in the Quentin Tarantino film, but we know now that he was basically threatening to beat up any other actors who might have been up for the role. Tatum's role in the kickass movie is currently only known to be a man with a scarf covering his face. Perhaps it was in keeping with the fighting spirit of the movie that Channing sent all those emails to the director.

Tatum himself said that he basically sent one email a day for about a month to Quentin Tarantino outlining how far he was willing to go to ensure his spot in the film. According to the Hollywood Report, the Magic Mike star says those correspondences outlined his willingness to be locked in a room with no windows and doors to have a knock down brawl to get the spot if necessary.
"I basically sent about an email a day for about a month just threatening any other actors that might be up for the role. I was just praying that no one really tough was up for the role. I'm so happy that he didn't say, 'Well Mike Tyson is up for this role.' "
Once the role was his, Channing got the chance to work with some very iconic actors and proceeded to be quite the nervous wreck. Channing Tatum was one of the last actors to join the Hateful Eight cast, which includes Kurt Russell, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Bruce Dern, and Samuel L Jackson, and, as is Quentin Tarantino's way, a lot of the actors were veterans when it comes to working with the director.
Tatum says the vibe is more like that of a family and he was a little too eager to try fitting in. His first table reading had him feeling "terrified. I'm just shaking. I've never been so nervous." A scene in the movie that was acted out at the table read involved Channing Tatum's character shaking hands with Bruce Derns' and in trying to be cool, the young actor almost injured the veteran. As the two shake hands Tatum says he tightened his grip on Dern and tried to pull him closer and in so doing almost pulled Bruce Dern right out of the chair he was sitting in. Dern allegedly did not take the injury lightly and scolded Channing.
"You jerk! You almost pulled by arm out of the socket!"
Channing himself was full of regret over the move, retelling it that he almost killed one of the best actors of our time.
Fallon did not let Channing dwell too heavily on those mistakes, though, and later pulled him into a game of Egg Russian Roulette, where each choose randomly from 4 raw eggs and 4 hard boiled to smash over their head. The four minute game saw Tatum destroying Fallon and choosing only the hard boiled ones, while the host got a face full of raw eggs. Vanity Fair did report that Tatum was a complete gentleman, though, and smashed two eggs on his head in solidarity at the end of the game.
A limited release of Hateful Eight is scheduled to opens on Christmas, with full release happening on December 31.

[Image via YouTube Screencap]