Introducing 2015's Miss World Winner: Miss Spain, Mireia Lalaguna Royo

Phyllis Asinyanbi

Miss World winner 2015 is Mireia Lalaguna Royo, who won the title of Miss Spain before competing in the global competition.

She is a 23-year-old model from the city of Barcelona, Spain who has a degree in pharmacology and plans to obtain a master's degree in nutrition, noted Hollywood Life.

— China Xinhua News (@XHNews) December 20, 2015

The Miss World winner placed number one in the top model portion of the contest and was also an impressive public speaker.

— The Telegraph (@Telegraph) December 19, 2015

The Miss World winner was excited and shared her gratitude with her supporters.

"Without the love I have received from all of the people I have met here, and from all of the people wishing me well and supporting me at home, I would never have gotten to this point. I want to show them and the world that I am deserving of the Miss World title and I hope to do everyone proud."

Not everyone agreed that Miss Spain was the rightful Miss World Winner, and some viewers claimed the contest results were rigged. Twitter was abuzz over the issue. It seems that many felt that Miss Lebanon should have been the winner.

— Eliane Dagher (@DagherEliane) December 19, 2015

— Steven Norris (@SociallySteven) December 19, 2015

— blue joelf (@joellahmarani) December 19, 2015

— Kaci Fennell (@KaciFen) December 17, 2015

— Sanneta Myrie (@MWJamaica) November 25, 2015

Conspicuous by her absence was Miss Canada, a Chinese-born woman, named Anastasia Lin who was stopped from boarding a flight to Sanya after China refused her a visa, according to the Star News.

Lin is a critic of Chinese religious policies and also practices Falun Gong meditation, which was outlawed by the Chinese government in 1999.

After winning the Canadian title, Lin said Chinese security agents visited her father who lives in China, trying to force Lin into silence.

Despite these issues, neither Beijing or the Miss World Organization, which is based in London, has made any comment.

In 2014, tragedy struck the Miss World pageant when Miss Honduras 2014, Maria Jose Alvarado, and her sister, Sofia, were killed in their country, per CBS News. Sofia's boyfriend and an accomplice confessed to the murders and cited the reason as the boyfriend shooting Sofia in a jealous rage.

When Alvarado tried to flee, she was shot twice in the back. The crime occurred just days before Alvarado was to leave for the competition in London.

The first Miss World competition took place in Britain in 1951.

[Image: YouTube/Official Miss World]