Adele Quit Smoking, Feared For Her Life After 25 Cigarettes A Day

Adele made her triumphant return to the music scene this November with her record-breaking comeback album 25. It would be a terrible shame if her health began to deteriorate, or even worse, and this was the exact thought that made her kick a really bad habit. Adele revealed that four years ago she was smoking an average of 25 cigarettes a day, according to the Mirror. This was, of course, before the birth of her son and first child, Angelo.

"If I'd carried on smoking I'd probably have died from a smoking-related illness and I think that's really bad. If I was dying from lung cancer I would have potentially given it to myself and that wouldn't be something I'd be proud of."
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But the smoking habit was so bad that the "Rumor Has It" singer had no choice but to cancel tour dates, following the loss of her voice. But the bad news didn't stop there, Adele's vocal chords were also in serious danger due to her constant cigarette smoking. She had to have an operation in order to stop a recurrent vocal cord hemorrhage. After the procedure, which was successful, doctors strongly advised her to do away with the smoking or face the possibility of her life being completely ruined.

"I absolutely loved it, but it's not that f***ing cool when I'm dying from a smoking-related illness and my kid is, like, devastated," Adele said.

She began dating charity entrepreneur and Old Etonian Simon Konecki in the Summer of 2011, when they first met. In June, 2012, Adele announced that she and Konecki were expecting a baby, and their son Angelo was born on October 19, 2012. Smoking wasn't the only thing she's put behind her. In addition to the cigarettes, Adele says she used to be quite the drinker.

"I used to be able to drink anyone under the table and still be able to put on an all-right show," she says. "But with kids, hangovers are torture. They just know. They pick up on it and just go for you."

The singer is now 27-years-old and doesn't seem to be living her life the same way she was during the crazy success of her album 21. Adele's father, Marc Evans, had a serious health scare when he was diagnosed with bowel cancer. During his battle, he and his daughter were able to heal from their estranged relationship.

Adele Quit Smoking, Feared For Her Life After 25 Cigarettes A Day
Adele Adkins MBE holds her MBE award for services to music after it was presented to her by the Prince of Wales at an Investiture ceremony at Buckingham Palace on December 19, 2013 in London, England. [Photo by John Stillwell - WPA Pool/Getty Images]Life came crashing down pretty quick for the "Hello" singer.

"I do have this, like, overwhelming yearning for myself," she acknowledged. "Every single day I have it for, like, a split second. It doesn't take over my life, but I have a yearning for myself from, like, 10 years ago when my only responsibility was writing songs for myself before anyone cared, and getting to school on time. And there was something so amazing in that. You know what? What annoys me the most is that you don't realize how amazing it is to be a kid."

But her good health makes the recent success of her album all the much more glorious. The new album, 25, sold a staggering 3.38 million copies in its first week of release, becoming the largest single-week sales for an record. The decision to not put the album on any streaming services the day of release left fans with the option of either buying it digitally, or buying a physical copy. And it looks as if the strategy worked, big time.

Next Summer, Adele will go on her first North American tour in five years.

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