Jennifer Aniston Wants YOU To Direct Her, Amid More Adoption Claims

Have you ever wanted to meet Jennifer Aniston, the beautiful star who has inspired many due to her healthful tips, beauty, and style trend-setting? The Friends star has gotten on board with other celebs who are seeking to get a bit more personal with fans, via social media and apps. It is, however, thanks to the company for which Jen is a proud spokesperson that the bit of fun interaction can take place.

Aniston has been the face for Smartwater, and now the brand is seeking your assistance to help direct the star through the commercial advertising the bottled water. People shares the excitement that has been drummed up by the brand via their Facebook page. Smartwater wants your help to direct Jen in the new commercial.

“Thanks to an interactive short film by Smartwater, you now have the power to direct the actress through her commercial shoot in the style of those ‘choose your own adventure’ books.”

The Facebook page includes a post for brand supporters and Aniston fans, as People relays.

“‘Bad news: we need a last-minute director for our new commercial starring Jen. Good news: we have you!’ the bottled water company explains.”

In the clip which requires direction, participants are given access to the frenzy of a commercial set where producers are worried and panicking, trying to find a new director to replace the one they hired, who is stuck in Botswana. Aniston then steps in ever so coolly and invites you to take over the director’s seat for the shoot.

The publication outlines the stages of decisions that are required of you should you decide to take on the position as director for the Smartwater advertisement.

“Your first big decision is choosing between Giselle the makeup artist and Claude the arthouse cat to take over writing duty (needless to say, we went with Claude). Other tough decisions include doves vs. cloud dancers for the background and Mirella the opera singer vs. Ben the piano mover for music. Once that’s all sorted out, you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor and watch your directorial debut.”

Have a look for yourself and give the director’s seat a go by watching and interacting here.

While the Cake beauty continues to be the face for a number of brands such as Aveeno, Smartwater, and Air Emirates, Aniston has also been working hard on the actual set for her upcoming film, The Yellow Birds. This, however, does not mean that the rumor mill has slowed down any in regards to the star and her husband, Justin Theroux, and their apparent plan to adopt a little one of their own.

Movie News Guide has shared the most recent story on the subject, which comes by way of the tabloid, OK Magazine. Tabloids are just overly antsy for this “it” couple to add to their family. Verification of the story has yet to be confirmed, but what is being reported will likely turn out to be merely a rumor in a short time. The gossip mag shared the supposed intentions of Jen and Justin in a recent issue, which Movie News relays.

“[Jen’s] ready for this new adventure. Bringing their baby home is likely to be months away, but Jen’s fairytale ending is finally in sight. They’re covering all the bases to start a family. Jen is dying to have a little girl.”

attends the Labyrinth Theater Company's Celebrity Charades Gala 2015 on November 16, 2015 in New York City.

Aniston has said during interviews just how difficult it is to constantly be questioned about the fact that she is not yet a mother, although the couple have never come forward to actually verbalize their intention to have a child of their own, nor to adopt.

[Feature photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]