Angelina Jolie Talks ‘Strange’ Sex With Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are long-time partners and a newly married couple, so there can’t be much between them that still creates awkward moments. Not so, says Angelina. The actress-turned-writer-and-director says that filming sex scenes with Brad is still uncomfortable.

Angelina Jolie Describes What It’s Like To Film Sex Scenes With Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt
Even Brangelina have awkward sex. Image via Jonathan Leibson / Getty images.

It’s been said that filming a sex scene is one of the most unnatural experiences an actor can have and many performers describe them as uncomfortable, embarrassing, and very odd. From the sounds of things, Ms. Jolie would agree with that assessment.

“Love scenes are strange anyway, but when you’re doing a love scene with a person you really have sex with…” Angelina said, before trailing off. “The only way to get through it was for us to all talk about the absurdity of it.”

Ms. Jolie was, of course, talking about the recent film, By the Sea, which she wrote and directed. Starring in the picture as well, she shared screen time with her husband, Brad Pitt.

While many focused on the drama between the two characters and how the fight sequences might affect their real life relationship, it seems the love scenes are far more revealing. It is those scenes that might have produced lasting tensions between Pitt and Jolie, if Angelina hadn’t promoted open dialogue among cast and crew.

In the end, every scene melded together in a beautifully directed dramatic piece, showing the characters of Jolie and Pitt at odds one moment and deeply in love the next. By the Sea was released last month to a lukewarm reception, but it may do better with DVD, Blu-Ray, and VOD releases.

Will Angelina Jolie Reboot Bride Of Frankenstein For Universal?

Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie to be Lady Frankenstein? Image via Jason Merritt/Getty Images.

According to multiple reports, Universal is seriously after Jolie to direct and star in a reboot of the classic monster movie. If she agrees, Angelina would naturally star as the Bride and, considering her statuesque figure, full ruby lips, and long hair, she would definitely fit the bill.

Universal has already enlisted David Koepp to write the reboot’s script. Koepp’s previous writing credits include Spider-Man, Jurassic Park, Mission: Impossible, and War Of The Worlds.

It would be interesting to get Jolie’s take on Bride of Frankenstein, especially considering her growing collection of tattoos. Angelina recently shared news of her latest tattoo, which now decorates her forearm.

Ms. Jolie shared the new ink for the first time at the Cambodia International Film Festival. What is of particular interest is that each of Angelina’s tattoos, including this latest one, corresponds to the coordinates of the birth places of each of her six children and one for husband, Brad Pitt.

Each of Jolie’s children take after their parents in their own way. While neither Zahara, nor Shiloh have gotten bit by the acting bug, they do get involved in their own charities and causes. They often visit foreign countries with their mother, where they get involved with the children they meet. Upon their last trip to Cambodia, Zahara and Shiloh befriended a girl named Leida Shoun, who has several brothers and sisters. When Zahara and Shiloh learned how poor the family was, they bought clothes and bicycles for everyone. Leida was grateful for the bicycles in particular, because they had to all share one, previously.

Currently, Brad Pitt is working on War Machine, a satire of the war in Afghanistan. The film is due out in late 2016.

Angelina Jolie is working on Kung Fu Panda 3, which is scheduled for a January 28, 2016, theatrical release.

Though it is still unconfirmed at this time, Angelina is also rumored to be returning for Maleficent 2 and Salt 2.

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