iPhone 6s And iPad Users Give Mixed Reviews On Apple's iOS 9.2 Operating System Update

Last week, Apple finally updated its mobile operating system to iOS 9.2. Billboard was one of the first sources to report on the update.

"Apple released a software update for its iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch on Tuesday (Dec. 9), targeting improvements for Apple Music and Apple News. The new iOS 9.2 operating system also fixes a variety of bug issues."
Billboard added that Apple had also released minor updates for the Apple Watch, Apple TV, and Mac OS X. Perhaps Billboard's article got more traction than many tech blogs since the updates mostly concentrate on Apple Music.

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Apple Music has greatly improved with iOS 9.2. [Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]According to Apple Insider, many of the Apple Music fixes include being able to create a new playlist when adding a song to the playlist, having your most recently changed playlist now listed at the top when adding songs to the playlists, and being able to download albums or playlists from the iCloud Music Library by tapping the iCloud download button. Many who have upgraded their iPhone or iPad devices report that the playlist sync problems have virtually disappeared.

Expert Reviews gave iOS 9.2 five stars. One of the things they stress is the improved battery life.

"Apple is promising up to one-hour of additional battery life thanks to extra efficiencies throughout the OS. If you've got an iPhone there are a few additional options to save power. First, if your phone is face down on a table, the screen is never turned on, even when you get a notification. Secondly, there's a Low Power mode, which turns off some features and even throttles wireless and processor speeds in order to save power."
Their article basically proves why iOS 9.2 is an excellent upgrade to an already excellent operating system. iOS 9.2 has earned a lot of praise on Twitter as well.
Though most are thrilled with iOS 9.2, there have been some who have complained about some bugs. Gotta Be Mobile has the news.
"The iOS 9.2 update is only a few hours old but we're already starting to see complaints about iOS 9.2 problems. Early iOS 9.2 problems include issues with personal hotspot, issues with the smartcover volume display, an odd keyboard bug, various iOS 9.2 installation problems, Wi-Fi problems, issues with Calendar, clipboard issues, new Apple Music problems, Touch ID problems, and more."
iPhone 6s Plus Update
The iPhone 6s Plus battery life improves with iOS 9.2, but people have found some other minor bugs. [Photo via Daryl Deino]The article goes on to note that there are fixes for just about all of these issues. GottaBeMobile has a list that included fixes for battery life issues, Wi-Fi problems, touchscreen issues, and other minor annoyances. Still, there are some people on Twitter who are still angry.
If you are having problems with iOS 9.2 on your device, don't worry. According to Forbes, Apple has acknowledged many of the issues, which means they are working on fixes right away. Apple has already released a beta version of iOS 9.2.1 to the public. Many of the people who have downloaded this version say it fixes most of the bugs in iOS 9.2. Have you downloaded iOS 9.2 yet? Let us know what you think of iOS 9.2 in the comments section.

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