‘Arrested Development’ Season 5 Underway, But Are Fans Set To Be Disappointed?

Arrested Development executive producer (and director of the freshly released The Heart Of The Sea starring Chris Hemsworth) Ron Howard has announced that a screenplay for the highly-anticipated fifth season of Arrested Development is currently being written.

According to A.V. Club, Ron Howard appeared on TV ONE’s Good Morning America show, during which he told interviewer Amy Robach that the creator of Arrested Development is already working on the script.

“Mitch Hurwitz, the creator of the show, is working with writers now. Netflix is behind it, 20th Century Fox is behind it.”

According to Deadline, series co-creator/co-executive producer Brian Grazer said back in June that a 17-episode fifth season would premiere in 2016. Despite the fact that Howard has been struggling to get the old cast of Arrested Development into the same room for just a couple of minutes at a time, it seems that the fifth season will see release in 2016.

During the interview, Howard reminded the fans how much they once craved to see the new season of Arrested Development.

“Everyone wants to do it. Fans want it. I would be saddened if we didn’t achieve it. I’m the announcer and the narrator, and I have to get back to that microphone.”

Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos told the press last summer that the fifth season of Arrested Development was underway.

“We are plugging along. It’s a long, complex deal to make; talent is very busy… The intent to have a new season of Arrested Development, and all negotiations are underway.”

Back in November 2011, Netflix announced it had started working on the fourth season of Arrested Development, the first three seasons of which aired from 2003 to 2006 on Fox. The 15-episode long Season 4 became available on Netflix on May 2013, but the cast’s busy schedule left the fans somewhat disappointed with the new show structure, according to BGR.

With Season 5 of Arrested Development, fans hope the creators and the cast can revive the good ol’ series that aired on Fox. The creator of the show, Mitch Hurwitz, promised to do everything he can to bring back the show’s traditional storytelling structure, which the fans loved during Arrested Development‘s first three seasons. The so-beloved storytelling structure featured multiple characters in each episode.

In April 2014, Hurwitz signed a deal with Netflix for several seasons, while media speculations about the series have intensified this year.

One year and two months later, Grazer said that the team of Arrested Development is planning to start working on the fifth season.

“Well, I had a conversation with Fox today, this morning. Netflix is determined to do more episodes, so we’re gonna do more episodes. We’re going to do it [at] the turn of the year. January, February we’re gonna start it… Mitch Hurwitz, who I just called while I was sitting out there in your beautiful waiting room… I made the call to Mitch to say everybody’s into it.”

While it is unknown whether it is still the plan, Grazer added that the creators were set to release all seventeen episodes of the fifth season to Netflix four months after production begins, according to Slash Film. Netflix has not yet officially confirmed the new s,eason of Arrested Development, which means the streaming channel is still working on schedules, and January is now less than two weeks away.

Chris Hemsworth, who starred in Ron Howard’s The Heart Of The Sea, which was released earlier this month, recreated Arrested Development in the most awkward way possible. You can watch this hilarious sketch here.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]