Last-Minute Holiday Shopping Deals: $1 iPhone 6s And Other Savings

‘Tis the perfect time to get an iPhone 6s as a gift for a loved one, or yourself. There are many sales available for the last-minute shopper. You can find an iPhone 6s on sale, along with other last-minute gift ideas that is sure to make you or your loved one happy.

The most interesting last-minute deal is one that could save you money, allowing to enjoy other savings. Would you like an iPhone 6s for a measly $1?

Fortune is reporting that electronic super store Best Buy is offering the latest Apple smartphone, the iPhone 6s for a whopping $1. That is not a lot of cash to fork over for the device that took the world by storm since its September release.

The specs and details of the iPhone 6s makes the phone worthy of a much higher price. During the list of Cyber Monday deals, it was Best Buy who was selling the iPhone 6s for $99, according to Forbes. Those who wanted to take advantage of the $99 iPhone 6s Cyber Monday sale had to sign a two-year agreement with either Sprint or Verizon. In order to purchase the iPhone 6s for $1, one should assume that Sprint and Verizon are the wireless carriers you would have to sign up with.

(Photo by Cole Bennetts/Getty Images News) [Photo by Cole Bennetts/Getty Images News]Shoppers only have until the end of the weekend to take advantage of the $1 iPhone 6s, especially to those who wanted to take advantage of the $99 Cyber Monday iPhone 6s sale, but could not can take full advantage of getting the hottest tech device on the holiday market.

Best Buy is hoping to boost their holiday sales by offering the weekend only $1 iPhone 6 deal. It is a bold, yet risky strategy that could lead to shoppers spending their last-minute shopping inside of the store.

The savings at Best Buy are not limited just the $1 iPhone 6s.


If you want to finally get your hands on the Apple Watch, you can get one at Best Buy with $100 worth (courtesy of Fortune) of savings. That deal will last until Christmas.

Other Apple products can also be had at a discount price at Best Buy. The additional savings include the iPad Air 2, which is $125 off. Best Buy also has a promotion with AT&T Next, where if you purchase an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus, you will get one free after signing up with AT&T Next. Not to disappoint anyone but that is separate from the $1 iPhone 6s deal.

Best Buy is not the only store offering a deal on the iPhone 6s. In the Fortune report, Target is giving a discount on the iPhone 6s Plus. You must sign a two-year activation agreement with Sprint in order to participate with that offer.

(Photo by Sandy Huffaker/Getty Images) [Photo by Sandy Huffaker/Getty Images]Stores have gone out of their way to offer last-minute holiday savings on Apple products this season. Apple products may not be what is one your shopping agenda. There are a couple of last-minute shopping deals to pay close attention to.

Amazon is selling the gaming edition of the Fire TV for $114.99, with free shipping. This version of the Fire TV comes with a game controller and two free games – Shovel Knight and Disney Duck Tails: Remastered.

The Fire TV Gaming Edition has a library with over 800 games. You would save $25 with this purchase.


Another last-minute shopping savings Amazon have is an LG 4K Ultra HD Smart TV that is marked down 53 percent off the regular price of $1,699.99. It is going for under $800. You can watch “Stargate” on the new television. Amazon is selling full seasons of “Stargate” up to 80 percent off.

If you still have to get that last-minute holiday gift, there is still some time to take advantage of the sales going on in the final week of the shopping season. Depending on how fast you act, you can even get an iPhone 6s for a measly $1 at Best Buy. If the iPhone 6s is not what you have in mind, there are plenty of savings to be had with some additional deals.

[Photo by Joshua Lott/Getty Images News]