Gay? John Travolta Kisses Kelly Preston On Red Carpet Amidst Scandal

John Travolta has been at the center of several unflattering and extremely damaging allegations. Last night, the Saturday Night Fever star and his wife of 21 years Kelly Preston did their best to show that their heterosexual relationship was still going strong.

Travolta and Preston walked the red carpet in Los Angeles to promote his new movie Savages. Travolta and Preston were extremely affectionate throughout the night and posed for a few kissing photos. Web Pro News writes:

“(Travolta and Preston) were reportedly engaged in so much PDA that it looked staged. They exchanged an awkward kiss on the red carpet, which some said looked like he was trying too hard.”

According to US Magazine, this was the couple’s first public appearance since Travolta was accused of sexually harassing a male masseuse. Travolta was also accused of offering cash to keep the incident quiet.

His lawyer, Marty Singer, said:

“Not one penny has been paid nor do we have any intention to pay any money for these ridiculous and false claims.”

Travolta is being sued by former Royal Caribbean cruse room attendant who says that the actor stripped off his robe and made a move on the attendant. Since then, two other men have come forward expressing similar stories.

Travolta and Preston have three children together. Ella, 12, Benjamin, 2, and Jett who passed away in 2009.

Travolta said:

“We’ve always been stable with each other. We use our communication skills. We understand what is going in life and the industry. I think the toughest part was just the loss of our son and once we were able to get through that – and times we didn’t think we were going to – I think we figured we could handle anything… Everything else pales in comparison.”

Do you think John Travolta is gay?