‘Captain America: Civil War’ Cast Will Now Include Ant-Man, Confirms New Film Art

Captain America: Civil War is coming next year, and the cast of characters makes it look like it might even beat Avengers: Age of Ultron in box office sales as well as reviews. This isn’t surprising considering that the first two Captain America films were among the best so far in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Recent film art has been released (in the Twitter embed below) revealing a big brawl among the characters involved in the big screen adaptation of the Marvel Comics story arc. Next to several characters is an explanation of why he or she is involved, even though Spider-Man is missing, as noted by Geek.

There may be spoilers in this article, so be prepared or possibly read something else if you want to see the film with a fresh perspective.

According to IMDB, Spider-Man (Tom Holland) and, possibly, his Aunt May (Marisa Tomei) are expected to make their debut appearance in the Captain America: Civil War cast. Although, it appears the web-slinger’s role could be a very minor one. This contradicts his role in the comics; He was Tony’s symbolic partner in the superhero scuffle, whose public un-masking had proven to be a mistake.

The upcoming film will also continue an ongoing story arc centering on Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) and James “Bucky” Barnes (Sebastian Stan), and their struggle with the latter’s past as the Winter Soldier. After Barnes had been assumed dead, it was revealed that Hydra had revived him, wiped his memory, and turned him into an assassin. In Civil War, he is attempting to put the past behind him, but the government isn’t ready to let it go. A popular fan theory is that Barnes may have been responsible for the death of Tony Stark’s father, Howard, and this may drive Iron Man to officially count the Winter Soldier as his enemy.

The captions in the art from the latest issue of Total Film Magazine reveal some details and quotes from the Captain America: Civil War cast and crew.

As Scarlett Johansson states in her quote, Black Widow leaves Cap’s side because “she’s trying to pick up the pieces of her life.” This is why she sides with Iron Man and the new government regulation mandate.

Despite his fight with Falcon (Anthony Mackie) in his solo film, Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) has made amends and now fights alongside the flying superhero. The first indication was actually revealed in the post-credits scene from the solo film.

Black Panther makes his cinematic debut in the Captain America: Civil War cast, and Chadwick Boseman has signed a five film deal, meaning he has two appearances that we aren’t aware of yet. This film, Black Panther, and at least one of the upcoming Avengers films are practically guaranteed.

Sebastian Stan has teased that even though Winter Soldier is on Cap’s side this time, he could always switch sides, much like Spider-Man did in the comics. Having recovered his memories, he seems to be remembering his words to Steve Rogers in the first film.

It’s unknown if the caption was a typo, but War Machine (Don Cheadle) is being referred to as War Hammer in the film art. He’s joining Iron Man and could end up being done with the series entirely if the trailer is telling fans what they think it is.

This is all we can learn from the recent film art about the Captain America: Civil War cast, and unlike the latest Star Wars, it doesn’t appear that Marvel is trying to shield fans from spoilers. Of course, in this case, fans also have an entire comic book story arc to grab potential clues from, but the movie definitely seems to be taking a different route. Speedball, who ends up becoming Penance (the main scapegoat for the government when they decide to regulate superheroes), is nowhere to be found in the film, unless the Russo brothers decide to give him an Easter Egg somewhere.

This is doubtful, unless Marvel wants to risk another Quicksilver situation with the Captain America: Civil War cast.

The stage is set, the Captain America: Civil War cast has been revealed, and one question remains. Whose side are you on?

[Image via Marvel]