‘A Fatal Obsession’: Eric Roberts Is Downright Creepy In Lifetime Movie Network’s Latest Thriller, Starring Tracy Nelson And Daughter Remington Moses

A Fatal Obsession is a chilling new psychological thriller that is slated to air on the Lifetime Channel tomorrow. A Fatal Obsession, also known as A Deadly Imposter, is about a mother and daughter who believe they’ve escaped their violent and abusive husband and father only to encounter him again after he’s had plastic surgery, making him dangerous and unrecognizable. It is directed by James Camali and written by George Saunders. This new Lifetime Television movie stars Eric Roberts as Michael Ryan, Tracy Nelson as Christie Ryan, David Winning as Harrison Reese, and Remington Moses as Miri Ryan. A Fatal Obsession is produced by Switzer Entertainment Group and Out of Shot Productions.

LMN’s A Fatal Obsession Synopsis

Set in Mystic, Connecticut, A Fatal Obsession centers around Christie Ryan, a mother who has grown tired of her abusive husband, Michael Ryan. But when his violence escalates to a point that almost pushes Christie over the edge, she knows that it is time to leave, or she might end up dead. Risking it all, Christie tells her book writing husband that she is leaving with their daughter Miri, stating that it is for the best. She promises him that they will check on him once they settle in. Sad and distraught, Michael Ryan’s thoughts turn angry and murderous as he seeks the perfect revenge. Hell bent on getting his wife and daughter back, Michael decides to stage a death and undergo plastic surgery—-a surgery that will completely alter his looks, making him unrecognizable. With his new face and new identity, Michael sets out to hunt Christie and Miri down—even if it kills him. Who’ll get out alive in this remarkable new thriller?

Many of the scenes in Lifetime Movie Network’s A Fatal Obsession were filmed in Mystic, a beautiful seaport village located on the Mystic River in Connecticut. With a population of just over 4,000 people, Mystic holds the kind of New England charm that makes a beautiful backdrop to this spine-chilling thriller. The city of Norwich also provided some major spots that many of the locals will quickly recognize, such as the warm and welcoming Chacers Bar and Grille, the gorgeous and majestic Yantic Falls, and the impressive architecture found at the Mystic and Noank Library. According to The Day-Local, the scenes were shot over the course of 12 days.

An interesting detail that makes Lifetime Movie Network’s A Fatal Obsession stand out is that it was produced by Richard Switzer, an 18-year old recent high school grad who placed an ad on Craigslist for a script. The ad was answered by George Saunders, a major Lifetime movie writer who was excited to work with the young man. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Switzer says his next plan is to direct a movie. Another interesting detail that makes this movie stand out is that actress Tracy Nelson got to work alongside her real daughter, Remington Moses.

About the cast of A Fatal Obsession, according to Biography

Eric Roberts

“Actor Eric Roberts, brother of actress Julia Roberts and father of actress Emma Roberts, is an Academy Award nominee [who]recently appeared in The Dark Knight. Roberts’ first big break came in 1976, when he was cast as Ted Bancroft on the soap opera Another World. By 1985 he was nominated for an Oscar for his role as Buck McGeehy in Runaway Train opposite Jon Voight.”

Tracy Nelson

“Tracy Nelson is an actress and the oldest child of songwriter and actor Ricky Nelson and his wife, actress Kristin Harmon. Tracy Nelson was cast opposite Sarah Jessica Parker in the sitcom Square Pegs. She later went on to make guest appearances on 1980s shows such as St. Elsewhere and Family Ties, [and has appeared in several other Lifetime Television movies.]”

Actress Remington Moses is the daughter of Tracy Nelson. In addition to A Fatal Obsession, she appears in 2015’s Buddy Hutchins, according to the Internet Movie Database (IMDB). A Fatal Obsession is definitely worth watching. Tune in on Sunday December 20th at 8 p.m. on the Lifetime Movie Network (LMN). After the movie, talk about it, using hashtag #AFatalObsession. For extra reading, check out our articles on LMN’s When The Sky Falls and They Took Our Child.

A Fatal Obsession movie trailer

Richard Switzer on Entertainment Tonight

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