WWE News: WWE Superstar Stardust Dealing With Neck Injury, How Long Could He Be Out?

You might be wondering where WWE Superstar Stardust has been as far as in-ring matches are concerned. If you thought WWE couldn’t have another Superstar out for an injury, you’d be very wrong. Stardust can now be added to the list, but it may not be as serious as it sounds. Although, you never know in today’s world.

Ric Flair mentioned on his podcast recently that Cody Rhodes, whom we know as Stardust, is dealing with a neck injury. Stardust had a match with Jack Swagger on December 7, and had to go and be evaluated at a local hospital for a potential injury after the match concluded. Stardust then tweeted from his semi-secret Twitter account, telling his followers that he didn’t have any fractures.

This could be a very good thing for Stardust, but he didn’t mention if there was any other major issue going on outside of the lack of any fractures.

He has been kept out of the ring since this show, but he has done some backstage segments and appeared on YouTube material. All of this was done without any sort of neck brace. That being said, WWE might be taking precautions with Stardust to make sure he does not develop any major problem with his neck. WWE cannot afford to lose yet another WWE Superstar or Diva this year. Stardust did end up missing this past week of WWE RAW, so something could easily have changed.

Stardust Amell
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While people like Rusev and Lana are back from their injuries as well as Sami Zayn with Hideo Itami on deck to come back as well, they don’t need to be trading people out for another. Any injury right now to any person on the main roster would be disastrous. You cannot continue to lose talent, especially in the lead-up to WrestleMania. Mania is the biggest event of the year for WWE, and it is supposed to include the biggest rivalries of the year with the best matches. This is not always the case, but that was the original idea.

Stardust being out of action is not a good thing, as he is seen as an easy to use mid-card heel that can help stretch out rivalries or at least be someone WWE throws in to use for any random match. He has enough star power to make you believe he can win almost any match he’s in, and you continue to remember him after you see him. He is a hit with kids despite being a heel as well.

On top of this, Cody plays up the character almost 24/7. He keeps his real life personality away from Stardust at all costs so that you see them as two different characters.

Stardust Goldust [Image via WWE]He goes so far into it that he will wear paint for interviews and stay in character the entire time. He does the same with random pictures on the street. Coming from a world where you’re the son of one of the greatest pro-wrestlers who ever lived in Dusty Rhodes, kayfabe is put into a huge light that has to be respected. Goldust did the same thing with people for a while. Rhodes comes from a family where it is extremely important to sort of live out your character. It made total sense when he took on the persona of Stardust that he would become the character in front of any crowd or camera.

The character has caught on well, and while WWE may allow Stardust to work backstage segments as he heals, fans do want to see him back in the ring. The prognosis for his return is not yet fully known. However, if he is only staying out as a precaution, he could be back at any time.

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