Fans Beat Man To Death For Spoiling ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ At Theater – It’s A Jedi Hoax

The world is in a huge frenzy about Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and those that haven’t seen the film yet are doing everything they can to avoid spoilers. Well, there are those who are taking great joy in spoiling the movie for others and it’s causing a lot of anger. Enough anger to get out of line at a theater and beat someone to death? While the anger may boil over, those reports about fans being beaten due to spoiling the movie are nothing but a hoax.

The Force Awakens is on pace to break a single-day record, according to Collider, and it’s going to shatter a number of box office records before all is said and done. The movie is a big deal, but as of yet, not big enough of a deal to kill someone over.

So far, at least two different reports are coming out that state people have been beaten, one even to death, outside of theaters for shouting out spoilers.

One story comes from a site called The Good Lord Above, and it tells the story of a 20-year-old man named Raymond Chatfield who waked out of a premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and shouted out a major spoiler. It was reportedly heard by almost 100 people waiting in line.

star wars the force awakens fan beaten to death hoax [Image via LucasFilm]As the story goes, Chatfield was immediately assaulted by fans dressed as a Stormtrooper, Chewbacca, and Boba Fett. There are even witness statements, in this case, from someone asking to remain anonymous.

“I saw it all. This guy shouts out the spoiler right? Within 15 seconds he was on the ground getting his ass stomped. At first the crowd was cheering them on, and I think that made it worse. They beat him up for a solid 5 minutes, kicking him in the balls, punching him in the gut, b*tch-slapping him…eventually people got quiet. Even I was like, okay…enough yo.”

As the story goes, the three that beat up Chatfield were not arrested by police and were even allowed to go watch the movie. Police Chief Greg Richardson called it “justifiable assault.” Chatfield is said to be in ICU at Mercy Hospital.

The report has no real names, no sources, and also tries to get people to believe that someone could commit serious assault and not be arrested? Oh, not to mention that the site itself is a satire website that comes up with fake stories.

It’s not the only fake story rolling around about Star Wars: The Force Awakens, though.

star wars the force awakens fans beaten [Image via LucasFilm]Another story going around is one of a 35-year-old man name Augie Henning, a self-proclaimed Sith Lord, who was arrested after a premiere of The Force Awakens in Massachusetts. It appears as if as if Henning was waiting in line to enter when Jonathon Hammel exited a theater and shouted spoilers for the new movie.

Henning reportedly shouted angrily at Hammel.

“You’ve ruined my life. You don’t know what you’ve done.”

According to the report, Henning then stepped out of line and proceeded to “beat Jonathon profusely until he was unable to move.” A number of bystanders tried to help, but were pushed away by theater staff until police arrived.

Sounds like another tragic story, but it’s also a hoax. The article comes from a site that disguises itself as the Huffington Post, but it’s really not, and there are a number of signs that point out the deception.

  • URL says – Isn’t complete and “Huffington” is spelled wrong
  • No “Huffington Post” banners at top of site
  • The article says it is by a Jonathon Gaboolzi who doesn’t really exist and has a picture of real HuffPo editor Sara Boboltz

Oddly enough, just about all links on the page go to real Huffington Post sites, but the article itself is fake and not true.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is serious business and a movie that many fans want to enjoy the first time, knowing as little as possible. People are out there trying to spoil it for everyone, but as of Saturday morning, there have been no reported deaths or beatings by Jedis.

[Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images]