Here’s How Kendall Jenner Got Her First Kiss! Reality Star Shows Off Nipple Ring In Instagram Snap [Video]

Kendall Jenner recently revealed on her live-streaming app how she got her first kiss – and that it was in the shower! Not only that, but the reality star turned high fashion model revealed that Kylie nearly ruined it!

Over her app, Kendall told the story of how she got her first kiss, when she was in fifth grade, reports website Sugar Scape. Jenner told fans that she was with a friend in elementary school, and she wanted to kiss a boy she had “THE biggest crush on.” Kendall even revealed the name of her crush, Chad Wilcox, who Jenner “crushed on…for so long.”


To get the kiss, Kendall and her friend Jessica invited her crush over to hang out and play the game Truth or Dare. “Of course, the point was to kiss each other,” Kendall revealed. Once Jenner was able to kiss the object of her desire, however, sister “Kylie kept spying and we were like ‘Go away!’ and she was like ‘What are you doing?'”

Kylie followed Kendall and Wilcox “into the living room, then the bedroom.” Kendall confessed that the pair tried locking Kylie out of the room “with a chair under the doorknob,” but her sister eventually found a way into the bedroom.

Calling her sister’s behavior “annoying,” Kendall told fans that Kylie “kept saying, ‘You’re being shady!'” Eventually, however, Kendall was able to get to the Truth or Dare kissing, but “Jessica and I didn’t want to do it in front of each other.” Kendall and Chad “went in the shower behind the curtain. And that’s how the magic of my first kiss went down,” Jenner revealed.

The story of her first kiss isn’t the only thing Kendall revealed! The reality star posed for some fashion shoots to promote her new clothing line with Kylie, and you can clearly see the outline of her nipple ring! In the Instagram snap, Kylie wears a white, low-cut, cropped silk bustier top, which Jenner has paired with high-waisted velvet trousers and a matching sash belt tied in front, reports Hollywood Life.

Kylie captioned the gorgeous black and white photo with a heart, and you can clearly see her nipple piercing on her left breast! The daring look is sure to help promote her new clothing line, and has received over 62,000 likes. Kendall promoted the new clothing line over its dedicated Instagram account, Kendall and Kylie, which has attracted over 1 million followers. Another photo Kendall shared over the Instagram account shows the outfit in full color.

Although she likely does not get paid for Instagram photos shared to promote her own clothing line, Kendall does receive a handsome sum to promote other products over social media. CR Fashion Book revealed that stars like Kendall Jenner and her gal pals Gigi Hadid and Cara Delevingne earn up to $300,000 per Instagram endorsement.

Kendall has over 44 million followers on Instagram, making her one of the most followed accounts on the social media app. Not only that, but a photo of hearts made out of Kendall’s hair was the most liked photo of 2015, garnering over 3.3 million likes.


CR Fashion book reports that D’ Marie Archive, an analytics group, created an algorithm that uses 56 metrics to measure a model’s social media presence online, as the industry of using top models to promote products over Instagram is exploding. Using tools such as how often a model like Kendall Jenner posts, what they are endorsing, and how many fans click links they provide on their posts, the organization is able to determine a value for each post.

Micki Schneider, a senior booker in the women’s division at Wilhelmina, told the magazine that the “more followers a model has,” like Kendall Jenner, “the more they can be appealing to certain clients.” Schneider highlighted that the modeling agency encourages “the girls and are very mindful, as they create their own brands and become more mainstream, to be as authentic as possible.”

[Photo by: Jason Merritt/Getty Images]