Airline Hates Jews So Much That It Decides To Cancel Flights In U.S. Rather Than Allow Israelis On Its Plane

Kuwait Airways has cancelled its profitable flights between London and JFK due to America’s insistence that they cannot discriminate against Jewish passengers on their New York flights. Rather than allow Israeli passengers on its flights, the airlines decided to cancel its service to New York altogether. The airlines claims that they cannot allow Jews on their flights because it is against the law in Kuwait to do business with Israelis.

Kuwait Airlines Accused of Anti-Semitism with Israeli Ban – Yahoo Travel

— Eric Bellamy (@ericbellamy11) December 18, 2015

The New York Post reports that one airline has pulled its service to JFK airport because they do not want Jews on their flights. Kuwait Airways says that they would rather not offer their lucrative flight between London and New York if it means they must allow Israelis on the flight. The United States Department of Transportation spokesperson says that Kuwait Airways told the department that they would be cancelling the flights.

“On December 15th, Kuwait Airways informed the United States Department of Transportation that they will be eliminating service between JFK and London Heathrow.”

The move comes after numerous complaints were filed against Kuwait Airways in New York for discrimination against those of Jewish descent. On at least two occasions, Israeli passengers were denied the ability to purchase tickets on a flight from JFK to London on Kuwait Airlines due to holding an Israeli passport. The airline said they could not service the Israeli passengers because of the Islamic State’s ban on trade with Israel. Therefore, they refuse to do business with any Israeli, including passengers wanting to pay for a flight.

However, in the United States, discrimination of this nature is not allowed and Kuwait Airlines was given warnings about their behavior. In fact, numerous politicians had pushed for the airlines permit to fly into JFK to be revoked. Therefore, some rejoiced when Kuwait Airlines decided to pull out on their own. Councilman Rory Lancman said good riddance to the discriminatory airline and that they should be grateful to the U.S. for helping them liberate in the early 1990s.

“If you’re so anti-Semitic that you would rather cancel a flight than provide service to Israeli passport holders, then good riddance. They should show some gratitude that they even have their dictatorial little half-a**ed country.”

However, the airline will still run its flight out of JFK direct to Kuwait and Israelis will not be welcome. No Israeli passengers will be allowed on the Kuwait Airlines flight due to the fact they are not allowed entrance into the country the plane will be landing, Kuwait. Since Israelis are not allowed in Kuwait, the United States government cannot require them to allow Israelis on that flight.

Though the company has voluntarily halted its flights between London and New York, Eldad Gatt says he has no plans of dropping his lawsuit against the company. Gatt is an Israeli citizen who tried to buy a ticket on the New York to London flight in the fall of 2013 and was denied. The Israeli citizen says he will not drop the lawsuit until a formal ruling is made against the airline that they are wrongfully discriminating against Israelis.

What do you think about Kuwait Airlines choosing to halt a lucrative trans-Atlantic flight rather than service Israeli passengers? If the company is found to have violated U.S. federal law in regard to discrimination, should the government be allowed to stop the JFK-Kuwait flight, as well, despite the fact that Israelis are not allowed into the country?

[Image via Kuwait Airlines]