Texas Man Shuts Down Highway To Propose To His Girlfriend, Goes To Prison [Video]

A Texas man who proposed to his girlfriend by shutting down a busy highway will have to wait before he can walk down the aisle with her.

Vidal Valladares Navas, 24, was looking for a unique way to propose to his 23-year-old girlfriend, Michelle Wycoff, when he chanced upon the idea of proposing to her in the middle of the extremely busy Interstate 45 highway. While his proposal was accepted by his beloved, it does not seem to have gone down well with the enraged motorists who had to bear the brunt of the traffic gridlock resulting from the aforementioned proposal.


Not only that, the Texas man has had to incur the wrath of the Internet after he posted a video of him proposing to his girlfriend on Instagram, where he can be seen bending down on one knee in the middle of the I-45 freeway surrounded by several friends and family members.

After the video went viral, Vidal was forced to apologize for the inconvenience caused to members of the general public, and now he has been slapped with the charge of obstructing a highway, a class B misdemeanor, and he could face at least six months in prison, along with having to pay a fine of $2,000. You can watch the video below.

Navas, who has been quick to plea his innocence, said he just wanted to propose to his girlfriend in a truly romantic manner.

“I just wanted to do something different,” he said in an interview with The Houston Chronicle(via Mail Online). “I never really thought about causing an accident. I thought about my girlfriend.”

His young fiancé also jumped to his defense, saying they had no means to know his acts would cause such a furor on Internet.

“He just proposed. It’s not like he did it, I don’t know,” Wycoff said. “It’s hard and knowing the fact; We find it scary, you know. And we’re really sorry.”

Police officials, as well as the Internet, do not seem to have enjoyed the Texas man’s stunt of shutting down the highway. A spokesman for Harris County District Attorney’s Office discouraged young people from taking such “idiotic” steps and said Navas’ proposal meant that somebody “could have lost their lives stopping in traffic.”

People took to social media to condemn the Texas man’s act of shutting down the highway, going on to him label everything from a “narcissistic a**hole” to a “full-blown idiot.”

One person wrote, “I wonder how your proposal woulda looked on the front end of my car.”

While another man seemed to have found a quick solution to the highway shutdown when he wrote, “So why didn’t anyone just hit them or get out and punch them? Jesus Christ people, learn to solve problems.”

Another comment read, “May the divorce be with you.”

While the Internet’s general response to Navas’ act has been that of condemnation, some found the Texas man’s way of proposing to his girlfriend extremely romantic. Some people said that Internet should not be so harsh on him, with one woman even saying that shutting the highway just to say “I love you” was deeply “roadmantic.”

Having said that, it is only natural that the Internet has gone into a meltdown. Many are arguing that freeway systems are used by ambulances, fire trucks, and people who get their pay docked if they punch in late, and as such the Texas man should be imprisoned for his restless act of shutting down the highway.

[Photo by Dave Einsel/Getty Images]