Actor James Cromwell Arrested: ‘Power To The People!’

Celebrated actor James Cromwell was arrested on Friday during a protest at a New York power plant. Reports indicate that James was orchestrating the demonstration, which took place at the Competitive Power Ventures power plant.

American Horror Story Actor James Cromwell Leads The People

Multiple reports indicate that 75-year-old Cromwell was leading protesters in a chant, as he raised his right fist in a show of solidarity and strength. The crowd of as many as 30 people joined James in chanting “power to the people!”

Cromwell blocked the entrance to the power plant with two other protesters, each of them chained and locked to the other. Upon refusing to move at the request of police officers, the lawmen cut away the chains, forcibly removed Cromwell and his companions, and took the three of them into custody.

The protest was initiated, after it became suspected that toxins from the plant are contaminating the local area. Residents fear that the toxins are affecting the health of residents and lowering the values of their homes.

James Cromwell has been very passionate about the issues surrounding this New York power plant, commenting that the facility is a disaster in the making. Public outbursts have become common for the actor who once played historical icon Zefram Cochrane in Star Trek: First Contact (1996).

In fact, Cromwell was removed from an awards ceremony held in New York City, after the actor stood up and began shouting in the middle of the event.

“I knew that we wouldn’t change any hearts or minds by doing this,” Cromwell said. “I’m not a scientist, I’m merely a concerned citizen. I’m concerned about this community and concerned about maintaining the quality of life for everyone here and not just for those people who make a profit out of ripping things out of the ground.”

Mr. Cromwell and his fellow protesters were issued citations for disorderly conduct, prior to their release from police custody. The group will appear in court on January 4.

One can certainly understand feeling impassioned to fight the injustices of the world and bring needed change, but is James Cromwell going too far? He may be pushing the envelope a little too much by chaining himself in front of a power plant’s entrance, though it seems highly unlikely that there is only one way in or out of the facility.

Then there was that awards ceremony. If hus peers didn’t already think he was somewhat unhinged before that unforgettable evening, they certainly do now. Mr. Cromwell might have achieved more by speaking quietly with each guest than he did by standing up and shouting like a madman.

James Cromwell James Cromwell speaks at the Humane Society Of The United States 60th gala event. [Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]The other side of that coin lands at the front door of Competitive Power Ventures power plant. It’s not an unfamiliar story. We have countless films and television episodes devoted to the idea of some harmful toxin contaminating local food or water supply. Everyone remembers Erin Brockovich (2000), but there were others.

So, maybe James Cromwell is right and this particular power plant is an imminent threat to the community in which it exists. In such a case, every wasted moment is another person infected with carcinogens. Another illness. Another death.

In that case, are Cromwell’s actions so extreme? Or is he just desperate to save as many lives as he can? He seems committed to the cause and it certainly seems as though James truly believes that a real danger exists. Regardless of what penalties he may receive in court on January 4, it seems unlikely that Mr. Cromwell will cease his crusade until victory is achieved. He can only hope that the other protesters are equally as devoted.

[Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images]