Brooklyn Student Subjected To Severe Beating By Teacher, Mother Demands Answers

A Brooklyn student was subjected to a severe beating by a teacher twice his size. The student insisted that he had done nothing wrong to warrant the abuse.

Diane John got a call from the George Westinghouse Career and Technical Education High School in Brooklyn saying that her son had gotten into a fight with a teacher. She initially though the boy was lying when he said he had done nothing wrong, according to NY Daily. She was then shown a video of the March 6th incident in which her son, 15-year-old Kristoff John is handed a beating from a much larger teacher. “Oh my god!” she gasped when she viewed the video. “No! No! No!”

The video shows shop teacher and security dean Stephan Hudson grabbing the skinny freshman by the arm, throwing him to the ground, and bashing him against a table twice. The boy is taken by school police officers after the scuffle. Diane is now demanding that the Department of Education investigate the incident. “They lied to me!” she said, feeling betrayed. “No one wants to see their son taken advantage of and beaten like this.”

“I was fearing for my life,” said Kristoff. “I was surprised he hit me. I didn’t have time to think.” The school characterized the fight as a “little incident” and colored Kristoff as the instigator. The school also told Diane that they were being generous by not punishing Kristoff.

Kristoff stands at 5-feet-3-inches and weighs 116 pounds. Hudson, his opponent, is a hulking 300 pound adult.

Neither Hudson nor the school responded to media inquiries into the matter. It seems as though they consider the case closed. “That man should be gone,” said Diane. Grenada’s consul general in New York, Derrick James, said that his office will look into the matter. “We are going to look into this and see what we can do as a community to make sure that this does not happen to any child,” he said, adding, “What’s most troubling is that the parent was lied to.”

According to Denene Millner of, “this is what happens when you allow schools to treat children like criminals instead of students.”

Video can be seen here, and below are some stills from the confrontation. What do you think should happen to the teacher?

Kristoff John beaten by Stephan Hudson
Kristoff John beaten by Stephan Hudson
Kristoff John beaten by Stephan Hudson