Iran News on Twitter: Blogged Live from Inside Iran #Iranelection

Several people on the streets of cities of Iran are still able to get access to outside communications and are tweeting and blogging in real time from inside Iran

Here’s the twitter stream from someone inside Iran. I won’t link directly to the profile here because the person is actually risking arrest by sending information out to the rest of the world. (psst: look at the photo)

Iran News On Twitter from Inside Iran

What is a President without a Country? – #Iranelection RT

Tomorrow march is in memory of those killed by Government – Mousavi will lead Sea of Green – #Iranelection RT

news – Mousavi & Khatami have delivered joint letter to Ministry of Justice demanding release of protestors – #Iranelection

ordinary ppl in Iran have no reliable info – gov is trying to break all communication routes – #Iranelection

Sea of Green will continue tomorrow and every day until election is declared void – #Iranelection

chanting ‘my brother – my martyr – I will claim your vote for you!’ – #Iranelection

Today again we were hundreds of thousands of Sea of Green – #Iranelection

Today and every day all protestors were peaceful – #Iranelection

Gov spreading false rumours on twitter that protestors are causing violence – this is NOT true – #Iranelection

Confirmed Mousavi – Friday Sea of Green will march to Friday Prayers in Tehran – #Iranelection