The Beatles To Stream On Christmas

And the holdout is finally over. Maybe. According to Billboard sources, The Beatles, one of the most influential acts of the rock ‘n roll era, have agreed to stream their extensive and beloved catalog before the year comes to an end.

Reports have hinted that the drop will occur on Christmas Eve with a strong inclination that the Beatles will gift fans everywhere the access to stream “Hey Jude” that day, but no source has been able to confirm the news nor determine what platform some of rock’s most cherished songs will drop on as of Friday evening.


The Beatles have had a long history of withholding their content from music trends right out of the gate; they’ve previously denied the making of band documentaries, refused to remaster their albums, and most recently held out on having their music available in Apples iTunes store (2010).

Although most artists have released their rights to streaming platforms, a few respectable artists continue to holdout. Some of those names include music icons Prince and Garth Brooks. Who knows how the Beatles decision to finally give in will affect those who continue to hold out.

Country icon, Garth Brooks, is one of a few artists who has holding his catalog back from streaming platforms (AP Photo/Charles Sykes, File)

According to Forbes, rather than settling for just an exclusive deal, The Beatles may opt to sign off on multiple deals with a group of streaming platforms that may include Apple Music, Spotify, and Tidal with a supposed release of the band’s catalog of hits available to streamers as early as next week.

Billboard has also reported that representatives from the top streaming platforms have declined to comment on the news of The Beatles decision, keeping fans worldwide on their toes for possibly the best gift of the year yet.

The magnitude of how this will affect sales for the Beatles will most likely be similar to that of their decision in 2010, where they sold over 2 million songs in the span of one week after agreeing to allow their catalog to be sold in Apple’s iTunes store.

Ever since arriving at Kennedy Airport in New York City for the first time back in 1964, The Beatles have continued to shift the music industry for the better and create headlines across the globe, and it’s to no surprise that 50 years later, Beatlemania is on the verge of exploding once again for a new generation of listeners.

The decision to stream might be one to solidify their legacy with the youth of today — a generation of streamers who, if reports are correct, will be able to access every beloved Beatles song that has impacted and influenced the generations of people and artists that followed.

(Photo via Keystone Features Hulton Archive/ Getty images)