'God Made Me Do It': Olivia Smith, 18, Allegedly Stabbed Popular Cousin With Kitchen Knife In Front Lawn After Sleepover

Olivia Smith has been charged with felony murder after allegedly admitting to stabbing her 17-year-old step-cousin Abbey Hebert in the front yard of her home after a sleepover. Authorities say the teen is now claiming that she brutally stabbed her popular cousin with a kitchen knife because "God made her do it." The pair had a slumber party together the night before the incident, but things took a turn for the worse after Smith allegedly smoked "a substance" and got into an argument with Hebert. According to reports, Smith then grabbed a kitchen knife and assaulted Hebert in the kitchen of the home. The teen was able to get away from Smith momentarily and escape out of the front door onto the lawn. However, Abbey didn't make it very far as her step-cousin Olivia Smith was following behind her. Smith allegedly jumped onto Hebert and the pair fell to the ground, where witnesses say Olivia stabbed Abbey repeatedly in the face.

The Daily Mail reports that Olivia Smith has been charged with felony murder in the stabbing death of her step-cousin Abbey Hebert. Olivia and Abbey were step-cousins as Hebert's step-father is Smith's uncle, the brother of her father. The pair were reportedly close before the brutal attack. In fact, in the days leading up to the murder, the girls had shared kind words with each other on social media with Olivia tweeting Abbey saying, "love you sweet girl." Abbey quickly responded, "love you more than life." Sadly for Abbey, it seems her love for Olivia would end her life in the most horrifying way possible.

Olivia Smith
Olivia Smith and Abbey Hebert in a selfie together. (Image via Twitter)

According to Detective Matt Fuller, the Georgia teens went to a football game and a party together the night before the murder and then proceeded to have a sleepover. However, the next day on November 14, 2015, the friendship would end as Smith, who authorities say admitted to smoking "a substance" in her Georgia home, got into an argument with Abbey. The pair fought in the kitchen of the home before Olivia allegedly grabbed a kitchen knife. Abbey attempted to flee the home but Olivia was able to overcome her in the front lawn. According to witnesses, once Olivia got Abbey onto the ground she began stabbing her repeatedly in the face. After stabbing her cousin in the face, Olivia then went and knocked on a neighbor's door and told them what happened as she explained, "God made me do it," according to Detective Fuller.

KHOU reports that Olivia thought she was smoking marijuana but now believes it was laced with something else that made her believe God wanted her to kill Abbey. Olivia allegedly told detectives after the murder that she smoked what she thought was marijuana but had "a reaction to it." Fuller says she told the detectives she had smoked the marijuana with Abbey on one other occasion and that both times she had an "overwhelming feeling of God coming to her" and that she thought she shouldn't be doing it.
"It was basically when she smoked marijuana, she had smoked it with Abbey one other time and both times she had an overwhelming feeling of God coming to her and maybe we shouldn't be doing this. That may have been what started the argument."
Despite Olivia's alleged claims that the murder was the result of a "reaction" to marijuana, Abbey's father Steve Hebert says it makes no difference to him and that Olivia needs to pay for her crime.
"Olivia is here, Abbey is not."
As the Inquisitr previously reported, Abbey's family thinks that the murder was the result of Olivia's "obsession" with Abbey. Abbey's family claims that the step-cousin was jealous of Abbey's good looks, and that she was "obsessed" with the teen in the time leading up to the murder. In fact, Abbey's father says that Olivia went to great measure to look like his daughter, even dying her hair the same shade.However, attorneys handling the case say the toxicology reports taken the day of the murder on Olivia Smith and Abbey Hebert are still not back yet and that the results will be crucial to the defense.

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