Lala Kent Reveals That She Had ‘Blackout Drunk’ Sex With James Kennedy

Vanderpump Rules cast member Lala Kent made an appearance on the Nik Richie Podcast to talk about the status of her relationship with fellow cast member James Kennedy. During the show, things took a serious turn when Lala revealed that she had sex with the reality star when she wasn’t totally conscious.

The conversation started out when Lala Kent was asked if she ever slept with James Kennedy. She admitted that although she’s not physically attracted to him, there were times when she would only make out with him. Kent also revealed that she had “blackout drunk” sex with Kennedy. She defended him when Richie insisted that the situation sounded like rape.

“We f***ed one time and I was so blackout drunk I don’t remember one thing. And I know that everyone says that, but I will say, I take accountability for every single one of my actions and I’m owning that now. Because I saw the condom and the wrapper so I know that something happened.”

The founder and writer of the controversial celebrity blog The Dirty then asked Lala how the sex was consensual if she was unconscious. Lala made it sound as if she never wanted to have sex with him, that it was something that benefited James rather than her. Nik then went on to say that “blackout sex” is constituted as rape in other countries, but Lala continued to defend her friend.

“People do that all the time. I know for damn sure he’s not gonna rape me. I’ve known this kid for a long time.”

The conversation then shifted to how many women James has slept with. Both Kent and Scooby Sunday both explained that there was nothing wrong since they’re friends and nothing bad could have happened.

“Well we’re not gonna throw the rape-y card around because I didn’t feel violated. I just felt like, I mean, good for you.”

Scooby Sunday then added, “That’s not rape if she didn’t feel violated, it’s not rape-y.”

According to reports, Lala Kent and James Kennedy are supposedly dating on-and-off. On their Instagram accounts, the reality stars have shared countless photos of each other even though Kent claims they’re not in a relationship or dating. Kent and Kennedy made an infamous appearance on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live where they ticked off host Andy Cohen. Not to mention, both reality stars cussed several times during the live telecast.

Lala Kent
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The British DJ also didn’t like it when he was grilled by questions on how he treats women, including ex-girlfriend Kristen Doute, on the show. In recent episodes, he called her a “slut” and spat on her door during an argument that aired during Monday night’s episode of Vanderpump Rules. Both Lala and James have taken to Twitter to apologize for their appearance on WWHL, and chalked it up to nerves.

Lala Kent
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Also in the last episode, Lala admitted that she’s had her eye on cast member Jax Taylor after they were spotted leaving a SUR party together hand-in-hand. But the 25-year-old server revealed to Radar Online that she would never hook up with the 36-year-old bartender and resident bad boy.

“I heard a lot about Jax. If you have a vagina and t*ts, he’s going to probably flirt with you.”

Kent admitted that she did enjoy flirting with Taylor, but she says that she would never sleep with him. Unless, of course, if she was “blackout drunk” with him like she was with Kennedy.

“I just like to flirt – it’s like a game for me. But unless I’m blackout drunk, I would never be with him, nor have I ever or will ever.”

Lala has not commented about her statements in both interviews, nor has James himself. All she did on Thursday, Dec. 17, was retweet Nick Richie’s tweet promoting her interview on his podcast.

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