Epic Says ‘Infinity Blade’ Now Company’s Most Profitable Game Of All Time

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney is very happy the company chose to make the very popular iOS game Infinity Blade especially after it became the most profitable title ever created by Epic Games.

When comparing “investment to profit” Sweeney says the game is even more popular than its hugely successful Gears of War franchise.

Sweeney revealed Infinity Blade’s success while talking at the Game Developer Conference (GDC) in Taipei.

According to Sweeney

‘The lowest end device [the iPad 2] is still a Direct X 9 device!’

However he points out that the iPad 3 quickly began approaching PS3 and Xbox 360 type performance levels.

Apparently the growth in the mobile game industry has been “very very fast” and more than Epic expected, not that Tim Sweeney is complaining.

While profits are soaring at Epic Games, Sweeney admits that freemium titles are likely the future of the US market and that the United States should take its lead from Asia where the free-to-play model has been met with big success, despite the fact that Asian based games do not offer the same high quality output as many American developed mobile offerings.

Moving forward Epic plans to build scaleable games that can be easily ported across all platforms. Up next for Epic will be putting its “Unreal engine” on devices around the world.

In the meantime Epic Games doesn’t have its work cut out for it as many emerging mobile gaming manufacturers continue to fight for a piece of the mobile marketplace.