‘Real Housewives’ Brooks Ayers Wins Big Payday From Vicki Gunvalson

Real Housewives Brooks Ayers has finally caught a break in his tangles with ex Vicki Gunvalson, in terms of an award plus legal fees in their partnership of Vicki’s Vodka, yet another Real Housewives alcohol brand. The suit was filed by professional poker player Robert Williamson III, who alleged fraud and misrepresentation against Brooks Ayers in his involvement in the vodka company.

The suit wasn’t a far stretch, according to the Inquisitr, as Brooks Ayers notably has an odd relationship with the truth. The cost of RHOC had doubts about Ayers’ claims that he had cancer, and as the season went on, the ladies banded together to try and get to the bottom of the big lie, which Vicki Gunvalson supported. Heather Dubrow especially had questions, when one of Ayers’ lies included her husband, Dr. Terry Dubrow.


Radaronline explained the suit and the outcome involving Ayers. For the first time this year, he has come out on top.

“Defendant David Brooks Ayers moves for attorneys fees against Robert Williamson III, who sued Ayers and other defendants over a failed vodka business in 2013. Finding that there was no reasonable basis for Williamson’s claims against Ayers — which Williamson himself seems to admit by not responding to either Ayers’s motion for summary judgment or to this motion for attorneys fees — I grant Ayers’s motion.”

There is another suit in the process against Vicki Gunvalson for abandoning and not supporting the vodka brand. Brooks Ayers might continue with legal problems, as he lied to Bravo and to E! when he accepted $12,000 for an interview about his cancer.


Starcasm is reporting that Brooks Ayers feels vindicated by the rejection of the Vicki’s Vodka law suit against him.

“Actually, before #TeamBrooks (i.e. Brooks) gets too excited, the $130,000 was technically awarded to Brooks’ attorneys after it was determined by the judge that the lawsuit, filed by Vicki’s former business partner Robert Williamson III, was frivolous and without merit.”

Ayers posted on Instagram a statement that he needed to be released from such a toxic situation, but the ladies of RHOC might argue that it was a situation of his own making.

“There’s only so much a heart can take. At some point you have to free yourself from the pain. Don’t feel bad about removing yourself from a toxic situation.”

It is thought that Brooks Ayers’ attorneys will now be going after him for their payday.


OK Magazine claims that Ayers’ lawyer is behind him, and thought the suit was frivolous from the start.

“Brooks prevailed in every way in his case,” his lawyer Sean Reis said. “It’s interesting that people question his integrity and sincerity, when the courts of law have consistently ruled in his favor and proven that what he says is true.”

But despite a court room win, Ayers’ reputation is still in the toilet, as he was exposed as a liar on national television. Vicki Gunvalson is still holding him responsible for lying to her, and spreading lies to the cast of RHOC. She also blames him for the fall out between herself and her daughter Briana Culbertson.

Do you think Brooks Ayers will be sued for his lies about having cancer on Real Housewives of Orange County? Do you think Vicki will sue him?

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